What I've "Liked": Vol. 1

There a MANY things I hate about Instagram and the new features they put into place with each update, but one thing I have always loved is their new "Saved" and "Collections" feature.  It's so fun to look at my favorite posts over the weeks in a special feed and to see how my tastes change over different seasons.  Some weeks I'm very into black and white color palettes, camel coats for fashion, and dark navy home furnishings, while other times my "Saved" is full of white sand beaches, textured updos, and shoes!

Because I love this feature so much I thought I'd turn it into a series with a blog post each month documenting my overall "Saved" feed as well as the feeds in my "Beauty," "Style," "Home," and "Words" collections. This new series will be a fun way to visually see the different trends and moods I was inspired by and give you a chance to see all my favorite people and brands to follow!

So without further ado here is What I've "Liked": Vol. 1!



(order from left to right)









I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  It's fun to see little patterns like how I'm loving @fashion_jackson's posts recently (how does she make such a simple outfit look so chic?!) and lots of @shereadstruth's verse posts (they are so beautiful to the eye and the soul).  Let me know if you guys enjoyed this and if you who are your favorite people and brands to follow on Instagram?

Also, if you're not utilizing the "saved" and "collections" feature already I hope this post showed you why they are so fun!