Function of Beauty: The Future of Haircare

Last summer my Instagram was filled with sponsored photos of these brightly colored tie-dye shampoos and conditioners. Not only were they beautiful but they also had thousands of comments of customers saying how life changing the product was.  For weeks I just scrolled past them until a friend asked me if I had ever tried Function of Beauty and that her friend was obsessed. Immediately I was curious to try it out (Thanks Beth!). Isn't it funny how you can read hundreds and hundreds of rave reviews but until someone you know actually likes something you don't quite believe the hype? Well today, I am your best friend, and I'm telling you Function of Beauty if worth the hype. 

Function of Beauty is based in Brooklyn and is revolutionizing the haircare market. How, you ask? They use their scientific algorithm that creates the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair type and the goals you have for it. #HairMagic! First, you go to their website and take a hair quiz where you tell them your hair type, structure, and moisture level. Next, you choose 5 hair goals out of their 17 options. With each goal they tell you what it means and the ingredients they use to achieve it. This is something I particularly appreciate because I'm the type of person who likes to research heavily before making a decision/purchase. The next part of the quiz is the really fun part! You get to choose the colors of your shampoo and conditioner, the scent (which are made from essential oils), the strength of the scent, and what name you'd like to be on the bottle! FoB hasn't left any part of personalization out and I think that is why they are finding so much success, well maybe also because their bottles are the most Instagram-worthy hair product you'll find.  Lastly, they have multiple sizes for you to choose from and you can make it a one time order or subscribe and save 10% with every purchase! Again, they still let personalization reign as you can choose different sizes for both the shampoo and conditioner and if you choose the subscribe you can tell them how often you want it and you can change these preferences at any time, so you aren't locked in for life. 


Function of Logan...

Now, let's get down to the stuff you're really here for though, how did it work?!

I ordered the 16 oz set (best value option) with the original essential oil fragrance which leaves that amazing tingly minty feeling on your scalp when you use both products. My hair profile was curly, fine, and normal with the goals of fix split ends, strengthen, anti-frizz, lengthen, and straighten. When you receive your package you get two pumps for the bottles, a little pamphlet with all the details of your profile, and a personalized regimen for your hair type and goals. Honestly, I didn't listen to the regimen as they said to wash 4-5 times a week and as a naturally curly haired girl, my hair is on the dry side and I like to extend my washes for 4-5 days. I'm not sure if these regimens are the same for everyone and a ploy for you to use more product (probably, but hey they gotta make money) or if they do vary from person to person.  If you have tried FoB, let me know what your recommended regime was in the comments below! 


I've been using both products exclusively 2-3 times a week and only about half way through each bottle. I double cleanse my hair with the shampoo (2 pumps each cleanse) to get it really clean and then use 4 pumps of the conditioner so they have both evened out in terms of use, which I am very happy about because every girl knows the annoyance of grabbing for the conditioner bottle only to find it is empty *insert eye roll emoji*. The shampoo has been my favorite of the two as the gel consistency lathers really beautifully but without using sulfates that strip your hair of your natural oil and any of your color or treatments you may have. The conditioner on the other hand hasn't left me with the all the heart eyes because it seems pretty thin compared to your standard conditioner. I'm not sure if this is because of the goals I chose or if that is just the formula itself, but it still leaves my hair soft and detangled. If you have naturally oily hair, you'll probably like that the condition isn't too heavy duty. 

Finally, in terms of my success with the goals I chose, I do believe that it has helped with frizz, makes my hair a little bit more relaxed so I don't always look like Shirley Temple if I do wear my hair curly (which is rare), and my hairdresser the last two visits, since using the product, has commented how long my hair has gotten and how healthy it is considering the amount of heat I torture my hair with.  And if that's not the best compliment you can get from your hairdresser, I don't know what is!

I will continue to use my Function of Beauty set until I finish the bottles, but will probably switch around my goals to be more hydration focused to see if that will oomph up the conditioner to my liking.  I'd love to try out some new colors and their new fragrances too. Let me know in the comments if you've tried FoB or are curious now about the brand.  I have a feeling they will be adding even more products outside shampoo and condition into their product line in 2018 + 19. 

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