5 Best of Wellness 2017


Tone It Up Protein Poweder

I was introduced to Tone It Up my freshman year of college and since then I have been hooked on founder's Karena and Katrina. They make killer workout videos, extensive nutrition programs, and their own protein powders, clothes, and gear. I have been using their protein powder exclusively the past few years and now you can get it at Target! They have vanilla, chocolate, and just launched a coconut flavor. If you are looking for a plant-based protein that is wallet friendly, give this one a go (also, don't tell him I said this, but even Brett likes their protein powder).


Lululemon Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II

Being a pilates instructor as well as your basic female, I live in yoga pants. I actually have to force myself to put on real clothes on the days I don't teach at the studio. This pair is a new addition to my ever-growing collection. The Nulux material is very stretchy and thin but not at all see through making it perfect for all forms of exercise. My favorite features are the pockets on either side and the raw edge which adds some fashion. I own a dark floral pattern, that unfortunately aren't available online, but I think I'm going to scoop up this navy pair soon.


Further Food Collagen Peptides

These collagen peptides by Further Food have been my supplement of choice for my protein smoothies. Collagen is incredibly important for overall health and wellness because as we age we lose collagen quickly and have trouble reproducing it naturally. I like Further Food's because their powder is super fine, flavorless, and adds a nice creaminess to smoothies and adds seven grams of protein for only twenty-nine calories per scoop! You can even use it in lattes like a powdered creamer.



I like to workout in a bun because I hate when my hair is in my face or getting stuck to sweat, but I've found that traditional hair bands don't have enough strength to keep it all in place. My problem was solved when I saw these little hair rings in the checkout line at Sephora (I wish I could wear horse blinders when I go through that line!). These strong, stretchy, plastic-y bands basically hold your hair in place, as if you had 47 bobby pins in and used a can of hairspray. Even during a run my hair looks exactly the same from start to finish.


Tavi Noir Socks

Grip socks are pretty much a requirement at all pilates and barre studios. These socks keep the studio hygienic and your feet in place as we instructors tell you to do crazy exercises that really challenge your balance. While the most popular gip sock is Toe Sox, I'm a personal fan of the Tavi Noir brand. I find their grips to be a lot stronger and wear better as you wash them. I've also recently found they make landing flips on the trampoline your brother got for Christmas way easier (yes, I am still very much a child).

Since joining the fitness industry I have been very interested in different products within the wellness realm.  

I hope to learn more and more about different supplements, gear, and clothes that make working out and living a healthy lifestyle easier or at least help you find a really killer workout outfit even if all you do is sit on the stationary bike watching Netflix.

P.S. I thought I should disclose that I was eating my weight in nacho cheese doritos while writing this post. #balance?