Weekly Face Inspiration: Vol. 3

This week's Weekly Face is going to be a bit different from the past two week's posts (here and here).  I'm gonna be honest, I have barely put any makeup on this past week and am in a packing frenzy.  My apartment looks absolutely horrendous, there is a 3 mile high stack of dishes in the sink, and I have two trash bags sitting on the counter that needed to be taken out two days ago.  So instead of putting out a sub-par blog post I decided that I'd pull all the looks I have been inspired by recently for future Weekly Face posts.  Like I said in the very first Weekly Face post, I want this series to feature everyday looks as well as looks that are outside my comfort zone and for that I turn to the celebs ( so glad it's awards season!).  Below I've found six celeb looks that are giving me so much makeup inspiration!


Margot Robbie


Critics' Choice Awards

This has been my absolute favorite look out of all the award shows this season.  While I love winged liner, I'm still quite a beginner at it, but I'm up for the challenge of creating this thicker and far more dramatic liner look.  Along with her wing, I'm also loving her lipstick shade.  It's not too pink and not too brown and would flatter a variety of skin tones. 


Kerry Washington


Golden Globes

You might be thinking to yourself, "Umm Logan, you are a white girl from California, why are you trying to be Kerry Washington?" And yes you'd be right, I am a very white girl from California and while I don't share much in common with Olivia Pope...I mean Kerry Washington, we do both have brown eyes and I love how the wrap around sparkly purple eyeliner really enhances them!


Mandy Moore


Sag Awards

Mandy has been crushing it on the red carpet this year and this look is one of her best yet! I actually used to wear blue-y teal eyeliner in high school a lot and really loved how it made my brown eyes pop.  I definitely want to try this look out with the mix of bronze shimmer and just a hint of blue. 


Katherine Langford


Golden Globes

Before we talk about this makeup look let's first discuss Katherine Langford's skin. So clear, so plump and bouncy, literal goals.  She is a perfect example why skincare should always come first to makeup because when you have good skin makeup just enhances that, rather than trying to cover it up. Okay now let's talk about the makeup.  I love this glittery smokey eye paired with the rose tone blush and lip.  It makes it a bit more approachable and less scary to recreate.  I'm never dip into blacks or greys but this look is giving me so much motivation to finally try it out. 


Skyler Samuels


Critics' Choice Awards

I have no clue who Skyler Samuels is (do you?) but I am loving her makeup.  Her complexion is the definition of porcelain skin, which is a very tricky skin tone to do makeup on.  This look enhances her fair skin flawlessly and would flatter other skin tones as well.  I love the allover shimmer on the eye and how her makeup artist used an identical colored eyeliner in the waterline to give that beautiful smokey look.  Her blush and lipstick are quite monochromatic which is a great trend to employ when you have fair skin.   

all photos sourced from google


I'm not embarrassed to admit that I have a serious obsession with TV and movies, and awards season is my Super Bowl.  The dresses, hair, makeup, speeches, I love it all so much and actually get slightly depressed when awards season is over (anyone else?).  Out of the six looks I featured, which one would you like to see me recreate in future Weekly Face posts?

Before I go, I just wanted to let you know that the Weekly Face series will be on a short hiatus as I finish packing up our Denver apartment, moving, and then getting settled into our home in California.  I plan to have the series back up mid-February.  Until them you can still expect a Wednesday post that is beauty related!


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