Our Denver Apartment Living Room + My 5 Rules for Decorating

Today's post is one of my favorites to date! I will be showing you the living room of our Denver apartment *insert red dancing lady emoji*.  It is definitely my favorite space of our home and the place we hang out (and eat, don't tell my mom) the most!  Home decor is one of my deepest loves and creating a space that was not only beautiful to the eyes but comfortable and inviting has always been my top priority.  One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into a home that is visually stunning but not suitable for living.  I mean, if you can't fall asleep on your couch (and sleep well), then you probably shouldn't have that couch in the first place #lazygirlforlife.  As I go through the photos I'll explain my thought process of the design, what my favorite pieces are, and share with you my five rules for decorating! 

Now enough of me blabbing, let's get to the good stuff. 

Ta-da! Man, just looking at this picture makes me happy and makes me desperately wish it still looked like this and not a room full of boxes.  As you can see from the photo, we had amazing natural light in our apartment.  Lots of light was a huge must for me as our previous apartment was under a huge tree and barely had any windows.  My design style is very much bright, airy, and lots of pastels.  I definitely gravitate towards shades of whites, creams, blues, pinks, and greys (my computer wants me to spell grey, gray, but my love for Grey's Anatomy doesn't allow me, so back off spell check!).  From our previous apartment the only item we brought with us was our media console, mostly because the only other piece of living room furniture we owned was a Craiglist Ikea couch (typical broke newlyweds).  Even though it's definitely more industrial than our overall design style, we loved it too much to get rid of and I liked how it added a different element to the space without clashing styles too much (also it helped man up the room so Brett didn't feel like he was living in Barbie's dream house). 

After our media console, I'm pretty sure our couch is our favorite piece in the entire room!  We spent months looking for the absolute perfect couch and we found it.  Our requirements for a couch were: 1. COMFY, like watch movies all day, fall asleep all night comfy 2. Deep, if I'm sitting all the way back I don't want my feet to touch the floor (read: can snuggle without falling off) and 3. Soft, but durable fabric.  The Crate and Barrel Lounge II ticked all those boxes!  It is THE comfiest couch I have ever sat on in my life and I fall asleep A LOT on it.  It's practically the depth of a twin bed and guests (and me...Brett's a snorer) love it! Lastly, it has a micro weave fabric that is incredible durable, soft to the touch, and pretty easy to clean.  We bought ours in the Pearl color which has a subtle glimmer when the light hits and it's impossible to not want to lay on it immediately.  If you are in the market for a couch, this is the one. They have smaller versions and sectionals too, and they just added leather as an upholstery option!  I also really appreciated that it wasn't an overly trendy style that was clearly just for looks.  It's mainstream body lines can compliment traditional styles as well as modern, so even if my style changes I know this couch will still fit right in. 

While I love our apartment, the one thing I don't, is it's severe lack of storage (clearly a man designed it) and we were in desperate need of shelving.  I didn't have a lot of room to work with next to the media console and hanging shelves didn't seem ideal for a rental, so this Ikea unit (unfortunately they don't sell this particular size online) worked so well!  The metal framing complimented the media console but the bright white lifted the corner of the room.  The vases are from Home Goods, the art print is from She Reads Truth, and the blue rooster is from a boutique at the Country Living Festival in Atlanta I went to 1 1/5 years ago on a girl's family trip (I have a thing for chickens and rooster, but I'll explain later).  The wicker basket is also a Home Goods find and stores my workout gear like weights, sliders, jump rope, etc.  If you've got ugly stuff to hide put it in a basket, works like a charm!

Okay now let's address the big pink chicken in the room.  I won't be mad if you are thinking, "Logan, this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen and makes absolutely no sense."  I get it, farm animals aren't the most millennial design trend, but chickens and rooster are very near and dear to my heart.  My mother is an incredible decorator and is my decor inspiration always.  She has a way of creating a space that is cozy, warm, inviting, and beautiful that makes you want to stay forever.  Her design style of choice is French Country, so there is a lot of warm colors, wood tones, and chickens and rooster everywhere (in a really stylish way, I promise).  Although my style is different visually from my mom's, I knew I wanted to tie in my childhood home somehow, and when I saw this pink chicken on Minted, I knew I had to have it.  It was an ode to my mom and my childhood, but with a modern twist, and I can't not smile when I see it. 

Our media console is a beast and can hold so much (it's actually supposed to be buffet cabinet).  We use more baskets to hold all our DVDs and then have our copier, board games, and DVD player stored inside as well. I love the doors because they hide the clutter without making the console look bulky.  Our coffee table, which I am obsessed with, is another fave piece in the room.  Because it our couch is 93 inches long it took over a year to find a coffee table big enough to not look like a child's play table.  This piece is also a beast and moving it is going to be quite the struggle.  I really love the mirrors and how they make the table decor look fun.  You can't tell in the photo but both mirrors are also aged looking so it helps disguise smudges and a few scratches we (actually Dixie) have made. 

You're probably wondering by now, when am I finally going to tell you my five rules to decorating.  In true blogger fashion I waited to the very end so I'd hopefully get you to read the whole post, so if you have congrats, you rock! Now here's your reward.

My 5 Rules of Decorating

1. Research. Pinterest is your go-to inspiration source. Find 5-6 Cohesive photos of rooms (living room, bedroom, whatever Space you are decorating) and save them to a board or your phone.  When you are out shopping and you find a piece, look at those photos and ask yourself, "would this fit in the photos?" If not, then walk away.  If it does, then pull out that credit card. 

2. Determine your color palette.  This will help guide you in your styling and shopping. Stick to about 4 colors and then play with tones within that color. For instance Blue is a Big one for me. I have navy blue pillows, pale blue in my rug, and a true blue on the ginger jars, all DIFFERENT shades of blue but they still look cohesive.

3. Don't buy Crap. It's very simple to choose the easy way out (i.e. Ikea or wholesale stores), but you will regret it when 1 year later your couch is falling apart and you have to shell out another $250 for a new one and no one will buy your current one.  Of course you shouldn't put yourself into debt over your living room, but don't buy until you really try it out and look at ALl your options. We didn't have a coffee table for more than a year because we couldn't Afford one that we liked enough to buy. So if you've got to sit on pillows on the floor for awhile, do it! Just tell guests your'e channeling Morocco.

4. buy Timeless Styles and Choose your colors wisely when it comes to the big stuff.  Are you really going to like that teal CHESTERFIELD in 3 years? Probably not. use your styling pieces like pillows and art to showcase your bold styles and change them out as you see fit.

5. Decorate with heart.  This is by far the most important and what guides me when I decorate any space.  Your home should be a reflection of you and your life so choose art and other peices that mean something to you.  Don't buy things just to fill space. When you look at each piece in your home it should bring you and others joy. 


Well, we made it folks! Thanks for taking a little tour of our living room, I really hope you liked it.  I so desperately wish I could invite you all over and we could watch Gilmore Girls and The Crown until we know every line by heart, but since we can't I'll binge watch in spirit. 

Let me know what you think about my five decorating rules and if you have an questions about something please leave a comment! It gets lonely down there in the comments and I'd really like it to become a party.  All pieces or similar pieces will be in this handy little widget below. Happy shopping and happy decorating! 

Also, come back every week for a look into our kitchen, dining room, and bedroom! And tell your friends, sharing is caring people. 

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