Kristin Ess' Second Collection at Target

One of January's most anticipated collections to launch is finally upon us -- Kristin Ess' second collection to her haircare line at Target!  I went to Target everyday for 4 days before the official launch on the 21st just in case some gracious Target employee had put out the new items early (they didn't).  A snowstorm deterred from getting to Target on the 21st so I ordered all the products I wanted to try for pickup on Monday (I was desperate, people!).  Finally on the 22nd I had a bag full a products and drove straight home and got into the shower to try them out.  Keep reading to hear my thoughts (or I should probably save raves!) on the new line.


Kristin debuted four new shampoos and conditioners, the first two being the Extra Gentle and the second being Purple for blondes and those with highlights.  Since I don't have highlights or a blonde at the moment (although my blonde bug is itching inside) I didn't pick up the purple variety, but from reviews I've read, they seem incredible and they have the same formulation as her The One shampoo and conditioner.  You can read my review for her first collection here

Extra Gentle Shampoo 

The extra gentle shampoo is very similar to her The One collection except it is less fragrant (some people didn't love her original scent, though I loved it!) and is gentler (duh) for those with more sensitive skin and scalps.  I don't have sensitive skin or scalp but I picked it up anyways to see if it still had the cleaning power as The One.  No shocker does!  So if you didn't love The One's scent or you struggle with dermatitis and other sensitive skin issues, try this one out next time you're at Target!

Extra Gentle Conditioner 

I was curious to see if the Extra Gentle Conditioner would still deliver the moisture my dry hair requires and got from The One collection. Again, no shock it does!!  There is no big difference here to The One except for the subtler fragrance and new gentle formula and it's the perfect companion to the new shampoo.

Rose Gold Temporary Tint (not pictured)

I am so sad I am not a blonde solely because I cannot use this product!  Kristin's most exciting product of the collection, in my opinion and a million blondes around the country, is her Rose Gold Temporary Tint.  It is spray that you apply in shower before conditioner and dries to the most beautiful pastel pink color.  The magic of it is that it washes out in 1-3 washes, so it's perfect for a long weekend and for those who don't want to commit to pink.  If you are a blonde you NEED to pick this up and try it out! 



One thing I really appreciate about Kristin Ess' packaging is that she color codes.  The soft pink/orange is for cleansing (i.e. shower), the light grey is for wet styling, and the black is for dry styling.  I not only love the color palette itself (it makes any bathroom look fancy) but its incredibly easy to decode what a product does.  I didn't pick up any of the dry styling items this time around but I plan to in the next few weeks (If you didn't know, we are in the process of moving, so I'm trying to keep my purchases to a minimum.)

Weightless Shine Air Dry Cream

I have very curly hair, particularly at the root, that frizzes...a lot (picture Monica in Jamaica before the cornrows...that's me).  Because of the frizz I'm always trying out new creams that will hopefully cut the frizz and calm my curls down.  I thought this would make my curls a little less curly after reading a reviewer say it made her hair less poofy, unfortunately it did not.  It actually made my curls CURLIER, which was not the look I was going for.  Kristin suggests this for wavy hair types and now I see why.  If you do have a natural wave to your hair, you will like this a lot because it adds a little bit more wave with a glossy finish. 

Sea Salt Air Dry Spray

The next product I tried (ignoring the "for straight or wavy hair types" label on the front of the bottle, lol) was the Sea Salt Spray.  This is very different to any sea salt spray I have ever tried! It has a super fine mist and I didn't find it to make my hair look of feel dry.  This product I actually did enjoy on my curls (I prepped my hair with Alterna Kendi Oil before to help with dryness) and I think it would do wonders for anyone with straight or wavy hair.  This is perfect for after the beach or pool or faking the beach and pool look after a shower. 

Anytime Anywhere Recovery balm

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING.  Everyone needs this in their life ASAP.  This balm stick really can be used anytime anywhere.  I used it over my frizz to calm it down and hide flyaways, overnight in a bun as a bit of a treatment (there is a super cute "bun cap" inside the box), and I can't wait to use it in so many other ways!  Kristin says she loves to use it to add shine to any style and also detail hairstyles like braids.  She recommends it also as a pre-beach/pool treatment to keep your hair from drying out.  If you are wondering how to actually use it, all you do is roll it around your palms or fingers to get it warm and then apply where needed. 

Style Assist Blow Dry Mist (Not pictured - I'm blaming my moving brain, is that a thing?)

Out of all the products I bought, this is my favorite.  Like I said before I have naturally curly hair, so I blow-dry it straight about twice a week and use blow-dry sprays and creams religiously.  I was super excited to use this and am actually blown away by it!  The problem I find with any and all blow-dry products is that it doesn't actually keep my hair straight throughout the day.  Often times my hair will start to get a wave in places I don't want one.  This is the first blow-dry product to actually keep it straight all day long and I am officially pledging my allegiance to this Blow Dry Mist for the rest of my life. 


If these launches are going to become a yearly tradition, I am totally on board for it!  I can't wait to see what else the hair queen debuts.  If you are wondering what products to buy first I suggest the Recovery Balm and Blow Dry Mist and if you are blonde, the Rose Gold Temporary Tint.  Another reason to love Kristin Ess is just like her first collection every product is either $10 or $14, so with those prices I think you should just buy all the products.  Let me know in the comments what products you loved and if you've tried the Rose Gold Temporary Tint, please tell me how wonderful it is to have blush pink hair. 

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