Operation Keto - Week Two


Week two on Keto is done and it’s left me feeling mixed emotions. I knew week two was going to be more turbulent as it started with Thanksgiving and a work dinner for Brett on Monday night. On Thanksgiving we did not stay Keto because to not eat pie on Thanksgiving is just un-American. The first non-Keto food I ate was some focaccia bread at Brett’s family’s house and while it tasted SOO good, after only four bite sized pieces I felt a bit nauseous. I wasn’t surprised by this at all, mostly because bread is literally the carbiest thing I could have eaten, so after the first two pieces I had already gone over my carb quota for the day and my body was reacting to that. I didn’t eat anymore bread the rest of the day, not even the multi-grain Cheesecake Factory bread my mom served at my family’s Thanksgiving — to be honest I’m still mad at myself for that (lol). I skipped coffee and alcohol and pounded the water, which helped immensely and I didn’t feel nauseous the rest of the day even though I had more carbs — sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and pie (oh pie…how I still dream about you). *brief pause while I Pinterest Keto pie* Thank you internet for blessing us with Pinterest (Keto pie recipes!).

Friday morning we were back on the Keto train. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard to get back into it, but I was jealous seeing everyone instastory-ing their leftovers! We had a bit of a hectic Friday with a little Black Friday shopping and getting ready for our Christmas cards later that day. I didn’t track my calories or macros that day, but I was aware of the carbs I was eating. A lot of people find calorie/macro-counting restrictive or too structured, but I actually find this this is where I thrive. So choosing not to count some days is something I don’t plan to repeat. I like knowing I’m meeting my goals and it keeps me on track. It’s almost as if I’m competing against myself to see how close I can get my macros to perfection. Brett and I use urine sampling sticks (gross, I know) to see if we are in ketosis and it took me a few more days than I’d liked to get into ketosis again, but this was expected due to Thanksgiving.

On week two I also experienced a deep betrayal by one of my favorite establishments, Coffee Bean. I ordered a small Sugar Free Vanilla Latte with steamed Half and Half and while it was delicious and creamy, I came to learn that unlike most coffee shop’s sugar free offerings which are usually 0 calories and 0 carbs, Coffee Bean had 10 CARBS!! Their “sugar free” vanilla was really a no sugar added powder. I was so furious and also so sad because Coffee Bean makes one of my favorite lattes. It’s going to take me bit to recover from this betrayal but at least this forces me to make my own lattes at home which will save me money in the long run.


Weekly Update Q’s

Weight loss or gain

It’s making me frustrated even typing this but I’ve gained 3 pounds this week. While discouraging, I again have to learn to give myself a little grace. I didn’t stay Keto on Thanksgiving (which I don’t regret at all because of above mentioned pie), I didn’t meticulously and consistently track my macros like usual, we ate out on Monday night, and my period is starting tomorrow so it’s quite normal and natural to hold onto water before, during, and a bit after. After weighing in and being a bit discouraged I did a some googling and found my circumstance to be completely normal for other women and with the keto process in general. A lot of people mentioned that fluctuation week to week is normal and often weight loss is seem consistently month to month. I still plan on weighing in and reporting every Wednesday, but this week has shown me again how important it is to not let the number on the scale have too much power.

How do I feel?

This is actually the strangest part…I feel I look a bit skinnier even though I gained. My pants still fit the same but my stomach looks a teeny bit flatter, even Brett mentioned it. In terms of anxiety, I only felt anxious once on Sunday when I had a pretty strong latte and no water in the morning, which for me is completely normal and unrelated to Keto. My energy levels still seem to be the same as last week. I still wake up never wanting to get out of bed (lol), which is fine for me because I wasn’t doing Keto for spikes in energy, though I won’t be mad if that does happen.

What are your go-to’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?

Like I mentioned in last week’s post, I don’t really eat breakfast, just a latte made with my Nespresso (which I’m addicted too btw). I found a Macadamia nut milk at Sprouts called Milkadamia which has 5 gram of fat per cup, only 50 calories, and 0 net carbs! I add in one serving of Heavy Whipping Cream to get a creamier latte and more fat to start my day and keep me full. For lunch I’ve been craving In-N-Out. I get a double double plain (or with mustard) protein style which is less than 400 calories and has only 2 net carbs for the lettuce. Because week two was more hectic than usual, I haven’t really experimented much with recipes for lunch, but I know In-N-Out is going to get old soon. For dinner last night I made taco meat and made a little burrito on a whole wheat low carb tortilla from La Tortilla Factory and then topped it with sour cream and salsa. I’ll be eating those leftovers happily. For snacks I’ve been eating the usual…pork rinds, moon cheese, and then celery sticks with blue cheese dressing or sour cream with some ranch seasoning mixed in.

Overcoming temptations to break the diet…

My period is definitely almost here because I got a massive chocolate craving yesterday and set out to make the Keto Browning from the Simply Keto Cookbook. They turned out a little bit drier than usual brownies but still satisfied that chocolate craving. One note I’ll make is that whenever you’re making a Keto recipe don’t assume the the nutrition information given is what yours will be unless the recipe maker specifies all the brands they used. The Keto Brownies (pictured above) I made ended up having 7 net carbs instead 1 net carb like Suzanne’s. I’m assuming she has a higher fiber almond flour and a carb free cream cheese, so to make sure I didn’t eat too many carbs I had to cut my brownies even smaller than Suzanne’s. Another recipe I made from the Simply Keto Cookbook that ended up having less carbs than the recipe was Keto Hot Chocolate!! It was DELICIOUS!! I used Milkadamia instead of Almond milk which has 0 net carbs instead of 2. I know I’ll be making this A LOT this season

I’m a little nervous for week three mostly because I’ll be on my period which usually puts my body into a carb craving mode and I’ll also be at Disneyland over the weekend and on Monday! Our annual passes are expiring so this will be the last Disney trip for a long time and because of that I still haven’t decided if I’m going to allow myself a treat or not, but I’ll be sure to let you know in next week’s update post.