My Natural Deodorant Journey

Two years ago I decided to ditch conventional deodorant for the natural variety. I had been annoyed that standard deodorant was failing me in more ways than one. The first (and most annoying) was its horrific lasting power. I am not shy to admit that I am a sweaty person. Walk up some stairs? Sweat. Vacuum my house? Sweat. Take a level one pilates class (which literally should not make anyone sweat ever)? Sweat. I depend deeply on deodorant to help make me an average functioning human on a daily basis. The second annoyance I found was traditional deodorant was creating a lovely and so attractive dark grey tint to the skin of my underarms — cute, right? No. Lifting my arms while sleeveless was a not an option which then meant that I would sweat even more from not getting circulation to my armpits. Clearly I was in need of a new solution because clinical strength deodorants just weren’t cutting it and on top of that they were filled with toxins! I like natural and good-for-you products, but I’m not a die hard about it. So things like makeup or hair products which I don’t use everyday I don’t mind if they aren’t all “clean”, but deodorant is something I wear everyday ALL DAY LONG and because of that I want it to work for me both externally and internally.

My journey to finding the product I’m featuring today took over two years to find, LOTS of trial and error, and even a trip to the doctor’s office. Natural deodorants that were sold at Target and the drugstore just weren’t powerful enough. High-end, well loved, and highly reviewed deodorants worked well….until they didn’t. I thought I had found the answer to my problems with LaVanilla Sport Luxe deodorant which worked swimmingly for a few months until I developed the WORST rash of my life. My underarms were bright red, so itchy, and felt like I had lit my skin on fire. The pain was so bad I had to actively raise my arms all day so my skin didn’t rub together and was prescribed hydrocortisone cream from the doctor. I was defeated when the doctor told me that natural deodorant just wasn’t for me and that I had to go back to traditional deodorant. Accepting defeat I went back to Secret Clinical Strength and at first it was fine, I could actually keep my arms down without cringing with pain and it did a decent job, but eventually all my usual annoyances crept back up. I thought I was going to have to just live with it but then wonderful world of social media introduced me to Megababe Rosy Pits.


Megababe is female comfort company created by Kate Sturino, also known as @the12ishstyle on Instagram, who like me was frustrated with the toxic ingredients in our deodorants and other care products that still underperformed, so she created her own. Her Rosy Pits deodorant was a HIT with beauty editors and the positive press she received created a waitlist of over 10,000! After reading countless reviews and articles about the wonder product I decided it was time to dip my toe in the natural deodorant pool again. And I’m so thankful I did!

Not only is the packaging the cutest ever, but it also smells like an actual rose garden. Roses aren’t usually my favorite floral scent but for this deodorant it just works and after a few days of adjusting I’m now in love with it! Like all natural deodorants they require a two week detox process for your body to rid itself of the toxins from traditional deodorants and to get used to the new natural ingredients. As a naturally sweaty person I’m not gonna lie the first two weeks were R.O.U.G.H. Even on days I didn’t work out I found myself having to reapply at least two times a day, which meant on the days I forgot to drop it into my purse I was in a constant panic of someone standing a little too close in the line at Target. Those first two weeks went by so slowly and I was getting antsy that once again a natural deodorant praised to be miraculous would not work for me but thankfully day 15 came and all my worries faded away.  So don’t give up if it also takes you at least two weeks to adjust — it’s so worth it! Since that day I have been experiencing rosy bliss. I’m more than two months deep into using Rosy Pits and I honestly look forward to using it everyday. One of my favorite features of the product is how cooling it is on first contact. It’s the first deodorant I’ve ever used to do this and it’s incredibly refreshing. I also love that it has completely nixed the grey tint on my underarms which now means I can raise my arms with abandon — WOOHOO!  I’ve tested it out in both pilates and running and sometimes I do need a bit of a refresher after if I’m not heading home to shower, but I really don’t mind reapplying.  When reapplying though I will say that starting fresh is key.  I take a damp paper towel to get rid of both sweat and the first deposit of product and then reapply on my newly dried pits.  Reapplying over the initial product is fine, but I prefer starting fresh, so play around to find the best application process that works for you.  If you’re not a heavy sweater (lucky you) you probably won’t need to worry about reapplying at all! I honestly can’t recommend this product enough and it now proudly sits next to my two other holy grail items: Supergoop! Everyday SPF 50 and the Shiseido Power Ultiminue Concetrate. Got a desert island? Because I know what I’m bringing!

I’m very curious to know if you guys use natural deodorant and which ones work for you! I can’t see myself using anything other than Rosy Pits, but thankfully today you can find so many natural varieties it means there’s the perfect deodorant out there for everyone.

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