A Gift Guide For the Boys

I don’t know about you but to me guys are the hardest people to shop for. This is probably because usually when you ask them what they want they respond “I don’t know” nine times out of ten — how very helpful. And when you read blog after blog with gift guides for guys you always find the same things. BBQ, bar, and sports. I’m a little tired of the monogramed apron and BBQ tong sets every year, aren’t you? So in the pursuit to stop the horrible guy gift guides I have created a gift guide with gifts guys will actually want (I even had Brett take a look and his response was “I want all of that.”)


Backpacks have made a huge resurgence in the past few years and so many guys are ditching crossbody messenger bags for their high school go to. This Everyone backpack is super sturdy and holds everything you could need. The leather touches give it a higher end feel without a huge price point. It comes in a variety of colors (Brett has the grey and loves it) and is perfect for guys of all ages!


With No Shave November in full swing chances are you know more than one guy who could use some help taming that wild beard. This kit is not only under $30, but it also comes with a super nice brush which most other beard kits lack.


I’m taking a cue from Jack Pearson on this one. Every man should have a jean jacket in his closet. They are so versatile, look good on everyone, and last forever. The Levi’s Trucker comes in a variety of washes so you’ll be sure to find the color that’s perfect for your husband, brother, dad, cousin, uncle…seriously everyone can benefit from this jacket!


Got a guy who NEEDS his coffee in the morning? Set him up for three months with two monthly deliveries of some of the best coffee around, Blue Bottle. With six deliveries at only $12 a bag, it’ll feel like Christmas until March!


Nike’s are out, Allbirds are in. These cool, sustainably made, and washable (!!!!!) runners made from merino wool are called the most comfortable shoes ever — that’s a big claim! They come in over 10 different shades so you’ll have lots of options when picking out the color for your guy. What makes this gift even better is it is another universal age gift!!

P.S. I already have them on my own Christmas list this year (in the color Tuke French Fry, in case you’re wondering).


Guys always want technology for Christmas, but instead of braving the crowds on Black Friday at Best Buy for the next xbox or playstation, pick them up this tech-y mug. Ember is the first and only mug that temperature controls your drinks so your coffee, hot chocolate, or tea will be the same temperature from the first sip to the last.


Girls have athlesiure down, so it’s time to show guys the greener pastures of elastic waistbands for outside the house. Joggers are cool and publicly-acceptable sweatpants for everyday! I like to think of them as the yoga pants for guys. What makes them better than yoga pants is the price!! With joggers that cheap, you should probably pick up one in every color.


Remember these little pouches from Urban and Antrho that had little essentials like lip balm, advil, and sewing kit? Well this is one of the guys and to be honest I think girls would like this too!! Inside you’ll find a phone/tablet stand, USB charging cube, 2-in-1 usb charging cable, earbuds, password cheat sheet, screen cloth, and two leather cord organizers all in this very cute leather pouch, which would fit perfectly in that Everlane backpack *wink wink*.


I really hope this gift guide was a lot more useful and helpful than the others out there right now. I mean I really should get a few points for not having one BBQ-related item on here. I also tried to find a good array of price ranges and nothing other $100, which is super helpful when finding presents for guys who aren’t your husband or boyfriend. None of the prices shown reflect sales, so save this page or have open tabs to the items you want to buy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals because I’m sure most of these items will be even cheaper this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving week!

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