5 (Actually Only 3) Best of Home 2018

This year I haven’t really made that many home purchases. After so many moves and always being a renter you just kind of get tired of buying decor or other home products that might only be temporary. I can not wait for the day to be in my OWN home where everything has it’s place and I don’t have to think about moving!! But 2018 did have a few great purchases that can


Nespresso Evoluo

This is hands down the best home purchase we have made all year and we’ve only had it since November! Originally we had a Keurig and that was fine for Brett because he just likes coffee black. I on the other hand do not. I only like lattes and for some reason I didn’t know lattes were made with espresso shots until like October (I feel so dumb just typing that.). When Nespresso was having their HUGE Black Friday sale I noticed that our Keurig was only $10 cheaper than the Nespresso machines and decided to make the switch! I highly recommend shopping from the Nespresso site, itself, as you get more perks like free coffee sleeves, ect. Trust me if you have a Keurig, you are SERIOUSLY missing out and need to be brought to the light! I might have to devote an entire blog post to this machine because I could talk about it for days.


K&H Pet Elevated Pet Bed

The amount of money we have spent on dog beds over the last 3 years is astronomical. They’ve either been ripped, vomited on (oh the joys of pet parenthood!), or just tooooo smelly. I hated removing covers and washing weekly only to have balls of fur be stuck on the inside or worse…in my dryer vent! So after our last bed had reached the point of no return I ventured into the land of dog cots. I always thought these just look uncomfortable, but all of the kennels (or as we like to call them, camps) that the dogs have stayed at use these elevated cots. They are incredibly easy to clean (I run my vacuum over it every day!), do not hold onto any smells, and because they are elevated the pups’ hips are still comfortably supported. Even better, it’s under $30!!


Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

I have been wanting this milk steamer for YEARS! My mom uses hers every morning and makes the most delicious tea lattes, hot chocolate, vanilla steamers, ect in it! I was sooo happy when she gifted it to me as a housewarming present. I use this every single day, so while it’s a bit pricey it’s cost per use is non existent! In fact it saves me money now that we have a Nespresso!! I haven’t been to a Starbucks in over a month, which used to be a daily or sometimes twice daily habit! P.S. This was the first Breville product to start my Breville obsession. I own their electric tea kettle, waffle iron, toaster, and small size blender!

Like I said, 2018 was not a huge home purchase year for us! So instead of giving you 5 items that were only okay I thought 3 that were great would be better. I truly loved all three of these products last year and highly highly recommend them. I’d love to know if you’d like to see a whole post dedicated to reviewing the Nespresso Evoluo! Let me know in the comments below and tell me what home purchases you made last year that really stood out to you! We only have one more “5 Best of” post left! Come back Monday to what it is!

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