How I Keep My House "Clean" With Two Dogs


So a cleaning obsessed wife begged her husband to adopt two dogs and now she lives with the messy (but worth it) consequences. Growing up with dogs I 1) thought taking care of a dog was easy and 2) a dog did not effect the cleanliness of your home. Oh how naive you were Logan! As an adult I’ve come to realize that 1) my Dad took care of all the dog duties and 2) we had cleaning ladies. As a self-diagnosed clean freak I have had to force myself to accept that my house will never truly be clean (hence the quotes in the title) because I live with two (more like three, sorry Brett) animals! Being a control-freak…I mean clean-freak…it’s hard not to get stressed and annoyed when the pups run through the house with muddy paws right after I’ve mopped or when they wrestle right up against the couch leaving huge fur balls on the fabric. They are dogs just dogs being dogs and I have to be the human and clean up the mess. Those facts will never change. So until I can hire my dad as my personal dog caretaker and have bi-monthly cleaning ladies (you have no idea how excited I am for that day!) I’ve had to come up with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help keep myself sane.

Daily Tasks

Vacuum 2 Times a Day

Yes you read that correct. I vacuum my house two times a day, once in the morning and once at night. Now this might seem odd to you because no one is walking around creating dirt and dust at night, but I have found that overnight a lot of dust and dog hair settles that wasn’t picked up during the night-time vacuum session. So if I skip the morning vacuum I end up with almost two days worth of dog hair and dust on the ground and subsequently on my feet — no thank you. Also, to help put this in perspective and make me seem less crazy, my house is small at just about 1,000 square feet, so I can vacuum my whole house in under 10 minutes and without plugging my vacuum into an different outlet!! P.S. I also vacuum Dixie’s dog bed, because the girl is HAIRY (Denver hasn’t yet graduated from sleeping outside his crate yet). Here’s the link to the vacuum we have and love — it’s expensive but worth it and it comes with all the attachments you’d ever need!

Weekly Tasks

Lint Roll Couch & Pillows

Before we moved to California we let Dixie up on the couch whenever she pleased. Mostly because she looked so cute smashed in between the pillows and the hair wasn’t too out of control. But after a year and half of this we noticed that our almost white couch was starting to become not so white, so when we moved to CA we decided that the new rule would be no dogs on the couch. Even with the new rule, you’d be surprised (or disgusted) by how much dog hair ends up on the couch via our clothes or them resting against it. So to keep our couch in decent condition I like to lint roll the cushions and throw pillows once a week. This is an effective way to get the loose hair and dust off the couch in a just a minute or two. I love these cheap lint rollers from Target!

Wash Dog Bed

While daily vacuuming helps keep the hair at bay, it only can do so much for actual dirt and smell. Make sure you buy a dog bed that is easy to remove the cover and wash in the washing machine. We just got Dixie this elevated dog bed and she loves it! It doesn't hold onto as much hair and is so much easier to clean. Denver loves it too and is constantly hogging it during the day, so I think I’ll need to order his own!


Dust is my ultimate enemy!! Since I grew up with cleaning ladies coming every other week, I never realized how fast dust settles on EVERYTHING, even faster with dogs! I’ve used a lot of dusting methods: microfiber cloths, dusters, swiffers, but I alway come back to the vacuum. It’s fast and effective and doesn’t just spread the dust around. I focus on areas that are at the dogs’ levels like the coffee table, Ikea shelving units, and the base of the dining table. After I vacuum up with dust I go over everything quickly with a spray cleaner (I love the smell of this one right now) and paper towel or cloth.

Monthly Tasks

Mop The Floors

I should probably do this every two weeks, but it is SUCH A HASSLE that I just can’t get myself to do it. Mopping is the one chore I tend to put off the most because it means I have to clean everything before hand, move the furniture, and strategically plan my sections so I don’t trap myself in a corner. Sometimes when I am in a DEEEEEP cleaning mood, I’ll book the dogs for daycare to make cleaning easier and faster. If you have a hard time cleaning your house I highly recommend doing this — it’s SO worth the money and way cheaper than hiring a cleaning lady (and BONUS: you’re dog(s) will come home super tired and pretty much just sleep the rest of the day and not ruin your perfectly clean home…until the next day).

Vacuum The Couch

Lint rolling helps maintain the couch, but it’s super important to give the couch a good deep vacuum with an upholstery attachment to really get all the dust and hair settled into the fabric. It’s also a good time to clean out the crap that falls beneath the cushions.

If you’ve got magic tricks to keeping your house clean with dogs please share with me! I can use all the help I can get. And even if they drive me crazy and make me feel like I never stop cleaning, I just can’t get over how cute those faces are…and Dixie’s crossed paws — she’s so fancy.

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