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Today was the first time I have ever bought anything on Shopbop and I think I found my new guilty pleasure website.  I have known about Shopbop for awhile mostly due to bloggers who rave about their sales and their vast variety of clothes and accessories, but never seemed to peruse the site past the home page.  They care so many brands that I think I was often overwhelmed by the amount of pages I'd have to scroll through when I just wanted to browse.  Today I wound up on the site due to their famous Buy More Save More Sale where you get 15% off $200+, 20% off $500+, and 25% off 800+.  Usually sales like this don't draw my attention because who really spends $800+ in one single online shopping from one site (if you do please trade bank accounts with me), but today I knew I would making a big purchase so the sale would actually benefit me.  I was in the hunting for a "bridesmaid" dress for my cousin's wedding in June on Orcas Island (#campschuyler), she only has a color palette for us to go off of so we are able to pick whatever we'd like.  I'd never been in a wedding like this before so I was really excited to get to shoppin'.  I ordered a handful of dresses that will be delivered in two days (Shopbop is owned by Amazon so Amazon Prime members still get 2-day shipping, hurray!).  After making my order I started to just mosey about the site and fell quickly down the Shopbop rabbit hole. 

After far too much time had past I thought I'd put my browsing to good use and share with all of you the 10 items I'd put in my cart.  My picks don't have a theme or veer too much toward spring and summer but I like that most all pieces are transitional season to season which means you get more wear out of your wardrobe year round.  Maybe it's my California upbringing but it's crazy to me that people actually have completely different wardrobes for each season (again, if this is you, please trade lives with me). 

Have you ever ordered from Shopbop before?  I'm seriously obsessed and I'm nervous I won't be able to have much self-control (sorry Brett!).

(#10, sold out so I linked another site where you can find it)

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