Lessons I've Learned from Moving


It's moving week people! I honestly never thought this week would come and still can't believe it has.  The past three months have been such a blur with traveling every other week for holidays and family occasions and then spending the past month packing, packing, and more packing.  As a person who gets bored quite easily I actually love to move.  It's so fun to me to experience a new place, decorate a new space, and create new routines. The only part of moving I loathe is packing.  So to help you with any future move or change I've compiled a list of my best lessons I've learned about moving. 

1. Save the boxes to appliances and large electronics

This is my favorite lesson that I learned from my dear ol' Dad.  He taught me to always always always save the boxes to kitchen appliances and large electronics for two reasons.  The first being warranty purposes in case you need to get it replaced or fixed and the second being to make moving easier.  Boxes that I have kept of kitchen appliance are our toaster, coffee maker, water kettle, food processor, blender, fondue pot, and mixer.  Being able to grab their boxes, slip them between their foam protectors, and tape up the side of the box made packing up my kitchen a breeze! I didn't have to buy extra padding to keep them safe as they jostled around in a box with other expensive appliances and I won't have to worry that my Vitamix will end up at the new house in pieces.  We also kept the boxes to our two TVs and copier.  The TV boxes are a MUST.  TVs are expensive and fragile so you'll want to keep it protected in its original foam packaging and buying TV boxes at hardware stores are almost $30, which just seems ridiculous for a box made of cheap cardboard.  If there is one piece of advice to apply to your life today it's this one. 

2. Don't Back your Cleaning Products

This is a lesson I learned after our very first move in Denver. You are going to be VERY surprised how dirty your apartment or home really is once all the furniture is gone.  The corners where the walls meets the floors will have so much dust and hair you'll probably wonder how you lived in such squalor.  By have your cleaning products, vacuum, and mop handy will allow you to give your place one more cleaning session before you turn in your keys and you'll also want these accessible for when you get to your new home to do the same.  You never know how well or terribly the former tenants kept a place and for peace of mind you'll feel much better know when last it was cleaned. 

3. Plastic Bins over cardboard boxes

This lesson has a few conditions but for the most part buying big plastic storage bins are the smarter choice than your average cardboard moving boxes.  While yes plastic bins are more expensive, they give better overall protection for your items and are reusable!  They make storing a breeze for when you get to your new place and if you buy clear boxes you'll be able to see what is in each box more easily.  I recommend plastic bins specifically for all your decor items (separate each by holiday and everyday use for easier organization) and for keepsakes that will most likely be stored instead of displayed.  Cardboard boxes are better suited for clothes, shoes, and books (use lots of small boxes instead of a few large ones to make them less heavy to carry).  

4. Use Linens and wrapping paper as Padding

Towels, blankets, rags, bedding, even pillows are all free padding! Use it all before you have to buy the over priced padding solutions Home Depot and Lowes for $9.95+.  The only items you should buy the padding from the store is for your dinnerware.  There is nothing more heart breaking them opening up your kitchen boxes to find broken plates and mugs (I know from experience and I'm still internally crying about it).  Layer the padding between each plate and bowl and then wrap each set up in a blanket!  Wrapping paper is a dream for packaging up smaller decor pieces and cups.  Also another quick tip, if you have a paper shredder use it to make padding out of old mail for the bottom of the boxes that will be holding breakables. 

5. Read The Life Changing MaGic Of Tidying up

If you've never heard of the magical lady name Marie Kondo leave this post and google her immediately.  She's a Japanese organization guru and is known globally by her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  This book truly is life changing and ever since I read it a few years ago it has guided me in my purchasing and organization since them.  While some of her principles are a little out there (she verbally thanks her purse everyday for doing its purpose) her thought process to purging your closet and home is genius.  After reading her book I was able to downsize my closet by probably 60% and I've kept it that small since. Her book is a super quick read and very applicable.  Whether you're moving or not pick up this book and your future self with thank you!

6. Trash your Baking Ingredients

I might be the only person who didn't know this, but apparently flour goes bad in less than a year from being opened!  So if you are not a cook or baker like me your flours and other baking ingredients probably haven't been touched for a while.  It's best to just toss them all to be safe and bonus, it means less to pack!  Also go through your spices too, you'll be surprised how many are probably expired. 

7. Pack your clothes the week before

The last thing you want to be doing the week of moving is laundry so make sure all your clothes have been packed at least the week before.  Leave out 3-5 days worth of clothes in a weekend bag for the week of and the few days into your move.  If you do have to laundry then you'll have super small loads which makes laundry so much faster.  Also, pack clothes that are interchangeable.  Lots of basics t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and lots of athleisure.  The more stretchy material that is packed the better, because I won't believe you if you tell me your Madewell overalls, cute ruffled blouse, and real bra are "so comfy" to unpack in. 


I hope some of my tips will help you in any move you may have in the future or at least prompt you to check your expiration dates in your pantry today (I had baking powder that was 3 years old!). Let me know any of your life-changing tips for moving in the comments below.

T-3 days until we are in the car on route to CA! 

Photo by Jenna Sparks Photography

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