Our Denver Apartment Kitchen

The kitchen is a women's sanctuary, but to me it's just the place where the La Croix, Halo Top, and Kind bars live.  When we first got married I tried REALLY hard to be a good cook.  I bought tons of cookbooks, scoured Pinterest, and spent hours at the grocery store every week.  I made some pretty terrible meals, spent way too much money, and hated every second of it.   Fast forward two years of burnt meals and takeout, Brett quit his job to strike it out on his own (so proud of you babe!) and started spending a lot more time at home.  Brett has always enjoyed cooking and I'm pretty sure his veins are 90% olive oil (fun fact: Brett's great grandfather was a famous chef in NYC), so when he started to make more dinners I thought to  myself, "If Brett loves to cook but hates to clean and I love to clean but hate to cook, then why am I doing both?"  It didn't make sense to force Brett to eat another bland chicken and broccoli dinner when he can whip up a blue cheese crusted steak with a brown butter sauce at the drop of a hat (seriously he has made it and it's TO DIE FOR).  I brought this switch up to him and he jumped at the chance and I've been a happy eater ever since!  So the point of this story is this: marry a man who cooks, especially if you hate it.  I'm not sure if I'll ever love to cook, but I'm seriously so glad that the obligation to make dinner every night has been lifted off my chest and cooking doesn't have to feel like such an awful chore anymore.

Now even though I might not spend a lot of time in the kitchen actually cooking I still love decorating the kitchen as it really is the central part of any home.  We loved the kitchen in our apartment because of its beautiful finishes (our first apartment was OLDDDD), but like the rest of the apartment it lacked storage and counter space for our kitchen appliances, which we had a plethora of in our first place.  To really bring the point home on the lack of counter space we had, our toaster had to live in the cupboard above the microwave and every time we wanted to use it a flood of crumbs would fall out over the stove.  Other appliances like our food processor, mixer, skillet and more had to live in random cupboards and some even found their home in the closet.  

When you only have so much space to work with you really have to narrow down the most used appliances.  Our first (and prettiest) is our copper Vitamix.  I was so happy the day we picked this beauty up at Williams Sonoma and that first week's meals mostly consisted of liquified calories.  While Vitamix's are expensive they are worth every penny! Also, that personalized cheese board was from my cousin and I love it so much that I probably won't ever actually put cheese on it.  Our next two appliances are for our personal drink preferences.  I've yet to meet someone else who grew up in a house where they didn't own a coffee maker.  My mom only drinks tea and my dad's hot beverage of choice is a hot coco.  I didn't have my first latte until high school and I didn't actually like lattes until Brett and I got married. For a while I was devoted to coffee but in the past year I've fallen again for my one true love, tea.  This Breville water kettle is amazing and I featured it in this post as one of my favorite home products of 2017!  Next to our Breville we have a new addition to the kitchen our Cuisinart coffee maker. We first had a Keurig which was great until I stopped drinking coffee and Brett only took his coffee black, so it didn't make sense to spend $13 every week for new K-Pods.  I'm so glad we made the switch to a traditional coffee maker and we have saved so much money!

My favorite feature of the whole kitchen is this Ikea shelving unit. It's the same one featured in our living room but bigger.  We had this large space between the two south facing windows, but it was narrow between the counter and the wall and we had hard time finding a cabinet that would fit.  When we decided to look at Ikea for inspiration we found this and it was perfect in both size and look.  The two pull out drawers stored our tea, vitamins, first aid, and other random kitchen stuff and the shelving was the perfect place to house our cake stand, wine glasses, and serving bowls.  I like that it is a focal piece of the room and its both functional and pretty -- win win!  The bottom shelf was empty for quite some time and so I bought these baskets from World Market to take up the space and finish the look of the shelving unit, but they've been empty for 2 years, lol!  Maybe one day when I have kids I'll find something to fill them with. 

Next week my last Denver apartment post will be up featuring our bedroom! It's going to be so weird finally saying goodbye to this place forever but I'm glad I have these posts to look back on and remember our home.  I hope you have enjoyed this series so far.  I plan to do similar posts for our California house too,  it's a rental so I might have to force myself to do some DIY projects, so in the meantime, pray for me because I am not a DIY type of girl. 

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