4 New Things in My Skincare Routine


During January and February I tried to use up as many skincare and beauty products I had so I'd have less to pack.  Target and the mall became my personal war zone as I fought every urge to shop, which for a product junkie like myself was extremely hard, but I managed to actually do it *pats self on back*.  After the move I found that I had quite a few holes in my skincare routine that desperately needed filling and so it was the perfect opportunity to try out brand new products, instead of just rebuying trusty favorites.  It's been about a month or so of using these products and I've found some new favorites and a few duds.

Fig + Yarrow Eyebright Coffee Bean Eye Cream - $19.99

I really love Fig + Yarrow products, especially their Rosehip Argan Oil Facial Serum (seriously glow in a bottle), and decided to try out there eye cream after noticing very puffy and dark under eye bags (I blame the move and lack of sleep).  Because the formula has coffee, the caffeine helps promote blood flow to the affected area to reduce puffiness and brighten.  While I was excited to try it out I also didn't expect it to work miracles as it's a natural product, but man was I wrong!  I used one pump day and night under the eye and around the orbital bone and really did see a reduction in puffiness fairly quickly and my dark circles seemed to diminish each day.  I also found it kept my under-eyes hydrated but not so much that makeup would slip.  If you are at Target I highly recommend you pick up this little hero and I'll be putting this in my favorites list of eye creams. 

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist - $16/$32 

You've probably seen or heard about Herbivore Botanicals on Instagram because of its beautiful and minimal packaging and rave product reviews.  This product in particular is one of their best sellers and I was excited to try it out when I got it free with purchase on Birchbox!  Rose Water is known for soothing the skin and is usually used in skincare for toning the skin after cleansing or as a facial mist during the day to wake up the skin and "de-cake" makeup.  Because I already was using a toner I decided to use this as my last step in my skincare routine as a way to prep the skin for makeup or give myself a dewy look if I was going makeup-free.  While I liked the smell of the product it was in no way extraordinary and seemed a bit pointless to me.  One of the things I disliked most was the spray itself, while fine in mist it didn't distribute the product across the face enough, so you were forced to put it closer to your face then you would think and spray 4-5 times to get a full and even coverage, which for a product that is $32 there is no way I'm spraying it 5 times a day (a girl's gotta eat!).  Another reason I wouldn't recommend this product is that facial sprays in general are a bit bougie and not necessary for skin or makeup purposes.  While I very much enjoy being a bit extra, I would rather buy the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which actually does something, than this product. 

Avène Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum - $38

I was introduced to this Avène product through my Birchbox after finishing my loved L'Oreal Hydra Genius serum.  When my sample was up I decided to purchase the full size after seeing all the stellar reviews the product had and the fact that I did enjoy it while I sampled it.  The consistency is not like your typical serum, it's a bit more like a thin cream and soaks in right away.  I have been using 2 pumps (the amount is very small per pump) all over my face and neck morning and night.  I would say that it is hydrating but not enough to warrant the "intense" in its name.  I don't think I'll be purchasing this product again and would recommend the L'Oreal one over it (also the L'Oreal is a fraction of the price!). 

Real Chemistry Fresh-Start Foaming Cleanser - $24

After two duds I wanted to end with my absolute favorite new discovery!  Real Chemistry is another brand I discovered through Birchbox when I sampled their 3-Minutes Luminous Peel a few times in my 4 years of being a subscriber (if you've haven't tried it, you need to, it's a game changer!).  I purchased the product when I read "For a deep clean that is also hydrating" and saw the 4 star rating with over 2,000 reviews!  The very first time I tried the product I knew I found a real winner.  You barely have to use any product to get a really great clean, which is always a bonus when the product is a bit pricey.  While it says foaming in the title, I would describe it more like the lather you'd get from a shampoo.  It's incredibly smooth and leaves your skin with the squeaky-clean finish but as promised, still hydrated!  I would recommend this product for all skin types, morning and night time for those with oily/combo and just at night for those with normal/dry.  If you try this product out, please let me know if you love it as much as I do.  Bonus: Brett loved it too, so it's the perfect face wash for you and your hubs to share. 

Look out for another skincare post this week which will be my review of Glossier's newest skincare product, Solution, after 5 weeks of use! I'll have before and after makeup-free photos to show you exactly how my skin has changed (spoiler: it's not a lot but that is mostly because I don't struggle with acne).  Leave any and all skincare related questions below in the comments or on any of my social platforms.  I really do love answering your questions because it means I can be a total beauty nerd. 

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