5 Day Detox Recap and Results


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You have no clue how pumped I am to write this blog post, mostly because it means the 5 Day Detox is over and I can eat cheese again.  If you're wondering what I'm talking about then head back to this post where I tell you all about the 5 Day Detox and why I was doing it.  But if you're a regular around here, lets move right into the recap of the five days.

The guidelines of the 5 Day Detox were basically to cut out dairy, processed and unnatural sugar, and no carbs (veggies and fruit were obviously "ok" carbs though) in the pursuit to de-bloat, reset your system, help jumpstart a healthier lifestyle, and/or get ready for a big event (Karena and Katrina follow the 5 Day Detox before video and photo shoots).  The word "detox" usually makes people immediately think it will be extremely restrictive or a quick fix to dropping some extra pounds, but those assumptions couldn't be further from the truth with this detox, and is exactly why I wanted to take part of this program.  I talked about this a little in the last post, but I really admire that Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up create all their plans and programs with lifetime results in mind, so they always emphasize real foods and balance.  They never think treating yourself to a dessert as "cheating," which is music to my chocolate loving ears.  

Day 1 was both physically and mentally tough.  Because I had no sugar to energize me, I was on the verge of falling asleep almost the entire day and because I wasn't allowed to eat badly my mind was filled with cravings of pizza, fries, ice cream, and more!  It's so funny how you want something to much more when you can't have it.  Brett was also joining me on the detox and he suffered from headaches all day, even though he still had his daily caffeine jolt.  Day 2 was easier physically because I opted to start my day with coffee rather than my usual tea, but I still had to tackle all the cravings in my mind all day.  By the evening, I was already so sick of cooking every few hours.  For those of you who love cooking you're probably laughing at me or thinking I'm super dramatic (which wouldn't be wrong, lol) but I really hate to cook.  It's my least favorite thing to do in the whole world and brings me ZERO joy, also it creates so much cleaning with dishes and pans, and the stove is always splattered in oil and drippings and my clean freak inside can't handle it.  Day 3 was okay; didn't have as many strong cravings, but Brett and I really missed snacking and having more variety in the food we could eat.  Day 4...oh what a day that was.  We both woke up dreading breakfast, I mean you can only eat egg whites with pico de gallo so many times, am I right?  We went on our walk with Dixie and kept going back and forth whether we should just do it and cheat on the detox.  If you follow me on Instagram and watched my stories you already know that we did.  We headed to Corner Bakery and I got my beloved Chilled Swiss Oats, which to my credit was still healthy just not 5 Day Detox healthy, but Brett went all out and got a cheese, egg, and bacon croissant (he's literally the worst accountability partner ever, but I love him).  So after that meal Brett had declared he was done with the detox all together, while I still tried to finish out somewhat strong.  I fell short again later that day at his parent's house when I indulged in some cheese and crackers.  Cheddar had never tasted so good!  Day 5 came and I started the morning with a Turmeric Sunrise smoothie with protein from Nekter (highly recommend) and felt pretty pleased about not giving up with Brett as he rolled into the McDonald's drive-thru for a McMuffin.  For lunch I had a salad and by dinner time I had already nibbled on some Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Even though I cheated quite a few times those last two days I didn't feel bad about it one bit.  

On Saturday I woke up to take my results picture and weigh in.  I was REALLY shocked to see that I had still lost 2.5 lbs, which is exactly what the Detox said was the average weight loss was and was noticeably less bloated.  So I'm calling the detox a success.  





To end I'll share with you the three things the 5 Day Detox taught me:

1. BALANCE IS KEY!  I'm so much more inclined to eat healthy when I'm not forced to eat healthy.  

2. Try and limit dairy intake.  I definitely noticed a difference in the way I felt after cutting out dairy, even just for 3 days.  I don't think I've ever nix dairy forever, but limiting it to every few days instead of every day is something I'd like to implement.

3. Sugar will always be the enemy.  This was made very evident during Day 1, my mind honestly could not stop thinking about sugar, and it was driving me crazy.

I'm so glad I'm on the other side of this detox now and that my little dish of chocolate eggs can now be devoured.  If you took part of the 5 Day Detox with me, let me know in the comments what you learned and what your results were like.  If you are curious about doing the 5 Day Detox yourself, head to this post and find the link where you can always download the PDF of the plan for FREE!  The PDF includes the guidelines of the plan, grocery list, all the recipes, a day-by-day meal plan, and they include a workout for each day too, so you literally don't have to do anything yourself, except be your own personal cheerleader and stick with the plan! 

Even though it was hard I still had fun doing this and think I'll continue adding little wellness challenges into my life here and there. If you have a particular challenge you'd like to see my tackle let me know in the comments. But until then, I'll be eating all the bread, cheese, and chocolate I can find. 

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