MoviePass and Why I Think You Should Go to the Movies Alone


A few months back I had heard about MoviePass from blogger, Carly Heitlinger of The Prepster.  And like most new things you hear about, every post, ad, and street corner sign I saw afterward was advertising and praising MoviePass, so I finally decided to check it out.  MoviePass is a yearly subscription service that allows you to see a movie a day....yes you read that right, a movie A DAY!  And I promise it's not too good to be true.  Everyday you can check the MoviePass app and see what movies are playing all around you at associated movie theaters (pretty much every theatre takes MoviePass).  When you've decided on the movie, you head to the theater within 30 minutes of the showtime, hit "check-in" on the app, and present your MoviePass Mastercard at the ticket booth to purchase.  It's that simple!  The only "catch" is that you can't pre-order your tickets and if a show is sold out when you get to the ticket booth, obviously you can't see the film.  Those two things might make MoviePass not for you, but for those with flexible schedules or frequent the movies, this app is a huge money saver!  At only $9.95/month (you pay a lump sum for the whole year at checkout) you can see a new movie everyday! So even if you only see one movie in a given month, you've still saved about $2+ depending on the showtime and theatre, so the more movies you see the more money you save!! Brett and I have been loving MoviePass so far because we can literally see every movie and not have to worry about if it will be worth the $15 ticket price.  There is nothing worse than see an absolute crap movie and paying $50 for the whole experience.  Recently we saw the movie Blockers with Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and Jon Cena who try and prevent their daughters from losing their virginities on prom night.  Now the movie looked funny on TV, but not funny enough to actually get us to fork over our money to see it, but with MoviePass we had no financial guilt after even though we didn't find the movie Bridesmaids level funny.   To sum it up, being someone who loves the movies, but hates how much they cost, MoviePass is the ideal solution to enjoy going to the movies again! 

A more personal reason why I love MoviePass (and will probably sound crazy to most people) is that I love going to the movies alone.  Yup, alone.  Just me in the center back row with my feet up on the chair in front sipping on an ice cold Diet Coke...that is my ideal movie going situation.  Of course I love going to the movies with my husband, but husbands don't always want to see a heartbreaking romance drama and they definitely don't want to see a musical.  So what does that leave me with?  Another Avengers movie or the 78th Fast and Furious?  No thanks!  (Sidenote: How many times can they remake a movie about cars being fast? Like come on, let the franchise die already!)  My favorite movies always seem to lean towards themes and genres Brett just isn't into, and that's okay!  I don't want him to feel forced to see a movie just because I want to and vice versa.

The first time I saw a movie alone was when we lived in Denver.  I really really really wanted to see the movie Joy starring Jenifer Lawrence.  From the trailer and commercials Brett was automatically turned off and had not desire to pay $14 to see it, so instead I made the decision to see it alone.  I'm going to be honest, driving to the movies and walking up to the ticket booth and saying, "One ticket for Joy, please," was a little embarrassing, but thankfully it was a mid-week and mid-day show so the only other people in the theatre were me and 60-something women, so I felt in good company and my nerves left me.  After the movie (which was great and I think Brett would have liked it) I felt a new sense of confidence and it pushed me to try other things alone.  A few weeks later I got breakfast at my favorite restaurant, Snooze, while Brett was away on business.  I sat at the crowded bar of couples with a book and devoured my breakfast tacos without even a thought.  I glanced up a few times and met the gaze of curious onlookers, but to my surprise they weren't looking at me oddly but almost with pleasant surprise as if they were thinking about doing the same thing one day.  If you're thinking I'm an absolute freak, that's okay, doing things alone isn't for everyone,  but please don't write it off so quickly; I think everything in life should be tried at least once (morally speaking).  The movies for instance is the perfect place to go on a date with yourself.  It's dark, so no one can see you, you can choose from an array of times and theaters, decreasing your chances of being spotted by friends, and you might just find you like a little me-time in public and consider dabbling in more public alone outings like breakfast and lunch.  Doing things alone is incredibly empowering and really gives you jolt of confidence that you've never experienced.  It's also really fun.  You don't have to make any small talk or worry about if the person you're with is having a good time or not.  It's extremely stress-free and I would even say stress-relieving, which I know a lot of us could use.  So please don't knock it till you try it!  I'm very curious to know what you're take on this subject is, so leave me a comment below. 

Well, its 12:21pm currently and I'm about to leave to see I Feel Pretty alone.  Maybe I'll see you there but it's okay if I don't. 

Check out MoviePass here.

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