Cover FX Powder Play Foundation and Powder Review


I am the first to tell you that I am not a foundation girl.

The first time I wore it regularly was college and I only did it because it's what everyone else was doing; and it was during my freshman year I found the wonderful and vast world of beauty bloggers on Youtube.  I'm VERYYY thankful I didn't have any awful foundation experiences and I think that is mostly because I hate the way foundation feels.  I always found it to feel and look like a thick layer of paint that just sat on top of the skin ready to be scooped off.  It would then blend horribly around trouble spots like the nose, chin, and eyebrows and make the skin look so fake and cakey.  Because of this I veered toward tinted moisturizers or targeting areas with concealer and usually not wearing any at all.  Now, you might be wondering why a foundation-hater would try and review a foundation called Powder Play.  When I opened the Influenster box (Influesnter is a free website where you get matched with products to test out and review! Anyone can be apart of it!) I immediately thought, "nope, not for me."  But after posting it on Instagram Stories, I got a few responses saying how much people loved it, so I decided to put my pre-conceived notions aside and give it a go.   


I was intrigued by the foundation's packaging to begin with.  I loved that the plastic squeeze tube and dropper top made it easy to control the amount of product I used and was super hygienic.  Color matching is one of the trickiest parts of foundation and Cover FX does an incredible job at catering to every skin tone.  They offer 40 colors with the helpful coding system of either N for neutral undertones, G for golden, or P for pink. (I'm shade N20, btw) I am confident everyone can find shade that is their absolute perfect match.  The first time I applied this foundation was with a BeautyBlender.  I liked that the sponge provided a lighter coverage (the foundation boasts medium to full coverage) but it didn't blend as quickly as other foundations I've used.  I testing it out on a hot day and it held up really well for the 6+ hours and didn't eat up my blush, bronzer, or highlight.  While it didn't get greasy, it did look a little cakey on my chin and went a little dry under my eyes.The second time I tested out the product I decided to give it a go with a brush.  I always prefer fingers or sponges over a brush but this foundation definitely blends best (and fast!) with a dense foundation brush like the Morphe M439.  The coverage was more even and to blend out any stray brush marks, I would bounce the brush on top to really press the product into the skin.  It lasted just as well and again made over products perform properly. With the brush I had less cakey-ness on my chin but the usual dryness under my eyes and on top of my eyebrows made the product sit a bit funny, but nothing a little Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist couldn't fix!  I'm pleasantly surprised by this foundation and I'll definitely be keeping it around even if I don't reach for it on the daily.  I'll reserve it for nights out or days when I want a completely even skin tone.

Rating: 4/5


Partially blended and please enjoy my permanent watch tan.


Fully blended.  I love that it looks like skin!

Like foundation, I was not a big fan of powder either.  I once tried Bare Essentials' famous powder foundation but hated how it looked on my skin.  Since then I steered clear from any face powder until I met the cult-favorite Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.  I quickly became obsessed with how it looked so flawless on my skin.  If you haven't tried it, head to Sephora and get the travel sized in the checkout line.  It will last you a long time and be friendlier on your wallet. Because the Laura Mercier powder is so highly ranked in my mind, I'm very picky with any others.  The Cover FX powder was fine but performed mediocrely.  It's a nice powder that works but you could probably find a better one at the drugstore or do yourself even better by getting the Laura Mercier.  The one thing I did LOVE about the Cover FX powder was the genius packaging.  As you can see from the picture, the powder has a flip cap that closes the openings when the powder is not in use.  This prevents that awful experience of spilling half the powder all over yourself when you reach for it in your makeup bag (don't lie and say it's never happened).  

Rating: 2/5


Have you tried COVER FX Powder Play or anything else from their line? I've heard good things about them and am curious to try more.

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