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Growing up I remember fantasizing about throwing parties for every occasion.  I had been given a book about how to properly set a table, write a menu, and plan invitations -- in hindsight, I'm not sure why a 10 year had a book like this since most of my parties were sleepovers or at Color Me Mine, but anyways it got the party planner inside me excited and she's still alive and well.  New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, Super Bowl, you name it, I wanna throw it!  The thought of entertaining is so thrilling to me.  Having a reason to get the house perfectly clean and put together, devouring delicious food I had made (my younger self also thought I would be a good cook, to which my present self just laughs and calls a caterer immediately), and having the house loud with music and laughter is something I crave.  When Basic Invite, a custom stationery company, reached out to me to write a post featuring them I had the perfect party in mind.     


Memorial Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate the beginning of summer and while it's usual to throw a BBQ with pick-up volleyball game in the backyard, the millennial girl that I am decided a brunch was more my thing.  I mean burgers and beer are great, but I'd much rather be sipping on a bottomless mimosa scarfing down ricotta pancakes.  While envisioning my perfect fictional brunch menu I headed straight to Pinterest and found these gems.

Watermelon + Feta Salad/ Breakfast Potatoes/ Bacon + Cheddar Frittata/ Lemon Ricotta Silver Dollar Pancakes

My mouth is watering just typing those out and now I really want lemon ricotta pancakes.

After I nailed down my menu I then thought about the table design.  I'm always a big fan of blue, so I headed to World Market, one of my favorite places for placemats and fun napkins, and perused their huge variety.  I landed on these 100% cotton pale blue women placemats and these fun diamond print napkins!  Because I wanted to use my own white plates, I thought the pale blue tones would be a nice backdrop and they matched perfectly with the invitations I had designed!  For the floral arrangement I went with a simple bunch of white hydrangeas.  Three reasons I love hydrangeas: 1. Their size makes them look grand 2. They are simple but elegant. 3. They last such a long time (mine are almost a week old and still look as good as the day I bought them)!  Bonus, they coordinated well with the delicate flowers on the invitations and menu.  


Let's talk about the star of the show here, the invitation suite!  I'm always hesitant when brands reach out because 94% of the time they are not me AT ALL (for example I was once reached out by a brand called Hot Miami Shades....yeah no thanks). Basic Invite though was a perfect fit for my taste and a service I would use regardless if we worked together or not!  I have used online stationery companies before and I'm sure you have too.  They usually have a their set of designs and then 2-5 color schemes you can choose from and then the customization stops there.  But with Basic Invite, they take customization above and beyond.  With every product you have 180+ color options (the blue I chose for mine was Arctic) as well as a wide variety of font options.  These options allow for your creativity to really shine. For example the "Brunch Menu" was actually the invitation just re-worked and the "Thank You" card was from a completely different design collection, but you'd never know because of my ability to use the same color and fonts!  Another advantage Basic Invite provides it's customers is printed samples!  Other companies show you a mock-up print on the computer and then you have to cross your fingers and hope your 40+ invitations come out with the same coloring as seen on the computer.  By getting a printed sample you can order without fear and gives you the option to change your mind on color and etc. before placing your order.  A favorite style feature that everyone loves is foil!  Basic Invite offers gold, silver, and rose gold in both a flat or raised setting so you can make your invitations as bougie as you want 'em.  And I know everyone's least favorite part about sending invitation is the addressing.  While free addressing is pretty standard now, Basic Invite makes it even easier by allowing you to send out an address request through Instagram, FB, Twitter, or any other social media platform to get the correct address from the recipient themselves! No more tracking down addresses last minute and then plugging them all into a spreadsheet hoping you did it correctly.  Seriously, Basic Invite has thought of everything!!!  So if you're in the market for invites for a Memorial Day party, graduation cards and party announcements, graduation thank you cards, or personal stationery I highly advise you to jump on over to their site and try out their design service for yourself!

They are currently offering 15% off everything with the code: 15FF51 (not an affiliate code), which is perfect timing for all those summer parties beginning!

Happy party throwing....I'll be expecting my mailbox to be flooded with Basic Invite invitations soon!


Thank you Basic Invite for SPONSORING this post!

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