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The Spring Cleaning bug bit me a little late this year, but better late than never.  Being a self-proclaimed "makeup junkie" means my makeup drawers are in constant need of a little decluttering.  So I'm going through each of my drawers and makeup categories to show you all the products I have and what I'm keeping and what I'm cutting.  So get ready for a LOT of beauty posts coming up because I've got a LOT of makeup...seriously.  Before we begin, I've got a small disclaimer.  Because I love beauty and makeup products, I own multiple products for each category.  This may seem a little weird and unnecessary for those of you who can fit their entire makeup collection in one little bag or my collection might look small if you're even more beauty obsessed than me.  No matter which side of the line you fall on, both beauty habits are welcome here and I hope these Makeup Spring Cleaning posts will open your eyes to new products or you might just find we both share the same taste in products!

First up is my "face" drawer and in particular my base products.  Base products are foundations, tinted moisturizers, primes, and concealers.  Because I'm not much of a foundation girl this section is pared down enough that I'm keeping them all.  If I was looking to throw some away the first thing I would look at is the expiration.  Most liquid products have a shelf life of 12 months.  While these expirations are not hard and fast rules, I would definitely throw away any liquid products over 24 months and/or if it had a foul smell.  The last thing you want on your face and seeping into your pores is something moldy! 


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

This is my newest base purchase and I'm obsessed! I had seen this product all over Instagram, on my favorite Youtubers, and all over blogs, so I guess you could say I was "influenced." I had never tried anything by Charlotte Tilbury.  I had always wanted too, but her prices usually deterred me.  After seeing how glowy these others looked I decided to bite the bullet and order it.  The product is meant to be used on certain areas of the face to highlight, but can also be used all over like a foundation.  You apply it with a big doe-foot applicator that is attached to the cap and then apply it wear desired.  I love to use this product alone on the center of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, chin, cupid's bow, and under the eye on the lower orbital bone (think: right under where you're concealer would go).  I blend it out with a damp makeup sponge and helllllooo glow!! This stuff is seriously magic in a bottle and will make you look airbrushed.  When I'm looking to be a little more done up I'll add this over foundation, since it doesn't add that much coverage.  I think this product is perfect for summer when you are less likely to wear foundation but don't want to be completely bare-faced. 

Becca Backlighting Primer Filter

I've talked about this primer before and my makeup drawers are never without it.  The Becca Backlighting Primer Filter is a beautiful and radiant primer that makes the skin look amazing.  I often wear this primer alone on no-makeup days because it gives a soft glow to the skin that never looks shimmery or sweaty.  I'm not even sure if it prolongs the wear of your makeup but I love the effect of it so much, I don't even care.  I would not recommend this if you're oily as it will work against your skin type, but if you're dry or normal give this one a go ASAP. 

It Cosmetics! Your Skin But better CC+ in Light

Like I said before I'm not a foundation girl so BB and CC Creams (which are basically high performing tinted moisturizers) are my jam and after finally trying out this product I haven't purchased an actual foundation since (well except the next product).  A little goes a long way with this product so one pump seems to get the job down for me.  I prefer my fingers to get a nice and even blend but sometimes I'll give a last pat down with a damp beauty sponge.  The package boasts that it's full coverage but I would say it's more medium, unless you build it up with more product.  It's very hydrating and gives a nice dewy effect.  Bonus! It's got SPF 50+!, so it's one less product to worry about. 

Cover FX Powder Play Foundation in N20

If you haven't read my entire review of this foundation and it's corresponding powder you can read that here! In short, I love how this cream to powder formula didn't dry out my skin or look too flat.  It also is amazing cocktailed with a pump of the CC+ cream from above.


I used to be a BIG concealer fan.  I probably had a least seven at any given time and the funny thing was they literally did the same thing.  I'm proud of myself that I've kept my stash down to three (the green one isn't a concealer...I'm not an alien) each with a different texture and purpose.

Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium  

Glossier Stretch concealer has been my everyday concealer for the past 6 months and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  It's very sheer and blendable which makes it perfect for just about any concealing need.  I've found fingers are the best tool to use for this product as it doesn't lift any of the product off the face.  Also, you'll want to set this with some powder on areas prone to creasing like the under eyes and around the nose.  But, if you're looking for major concealing than I'd skip this one over and instead try out the Tarte Shape Tape or Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer.  One more tip: Unless you're VERY fair, I'd go with the medium instead of the light shade. 

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Light 2.75 Channelle

Glossier is my everyday concealer and the Nars Soft Matte Complete is my trouble spot concealer.  As the name would suggest the formula's soft matte texture is perfect for covering up texture and pimples without drawing too much attention to the area.  It also lasts forever, which is exactly what you're looking for when trying to conceal an annoying zit.  Some say they like this under the eyes but I find it too drying for me.  The range comes with a lot shades, so you're guaranteed to find a perfect match.  A tip I can give you is to use a detailer brush like this one to pinpoint exactly where you need the coverage. 

Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Pistachio

Color correcting was VERY big in 2017.  Every company came out with green, peach, and lilac shades of concealers to help concealer an array of discoloration.  I was curious about the trend and was battling some pesky redness and decided to give the Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in pistachio.  I really love its creamy texture and it's ability to remediate the redness without making my foundation look green.  Unfortunately Becca no longer carries the product but the Urban Decay corrector is still sold and highly reviewed. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche ÉClat Radiant touch Pen

When I was in college I dreamed about one day owning a YSL Touch Éclat concealer pen.  They were a cult favorite product that had been around for years and started the highlighting trend before highlight was even a thing.  I watched Youtubers draw these crazy lines and shapes all over their face with the pen and once blended they looked straight out of magazine. When I finally bought my first one I used it sparingly, only on special occasions as to not use it up too quickly but I quickly became obsessed.  It was so easy to apply and even easier to blend out.  I loved it on the forehead, nose, and cupid's bow the most and over underage concealer to brighten the inner corners that are often dark.  Eventually the drugstore brands made knockoffs that were pretty good and I started to save my cash.  After a year of not using the pen I picked up another and found I didn't love it as much as before.  The glamour the product once held for me had gone away and I wished I had the Maybelline knock off instead.  So save your money ladies, the drugstore has got you covered!

One category down only about million more to go.  I might have carpal tunnel after writing all these posts...just wait till you see all the blush I own!

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