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For most of my makeup wearing years I was very anti-lipsticks or anything with color.  I still shutter from embarrassment when I remember wearing concealer over my lips with chapstick because apparently having your lips completely disappear  Please tell me you fell victim to that awful trend so I won't feel like such a loser.  Eventually the invisible lip trend was out and I decided to actually make my lips look like lips.  Pink was the most obvious color choice and with so many variety of shades within the pink family, I had lots of room to experiment.  Pastel pinks, soft rose pinks, and bright magentas made doing my makeup more fun than it had ever been before.  While pink is definitely still my favorite color family to wear I do venture into the berry family every once in a while during the fall and winter.  Going through all my lip products definitely made it clear to me just how obsessed with pinks I am and how hard it was to part ways with them even if I have another almost identical one. #hoarder

A few tips when cleaning out your lip stash are to trash anything over two years old and watch for smell, texture, or color changes as those will be the first signs that it's time to part ways.  Once you've gotten rid of the expired, next you'll want to swatch all like colors next to each other on your arm.  This will make it very clear if you own almost identical shades and make it easier to decide which one to keep and which one to cut.  If two are identical in shade but different in formula (satin, matte, liquid, etc), use your own discretion whether to keep multiples or just your favorite formula. 




Too Faced Le Creme Drenched Lip Cream in Naked Dolly 

I'm embarrassed to say that I tried to find a shade of lipstick that mimicked my invisible lips from junior high but in a more polished way.  Enter Naked Dolly.  The shade is super nude and pale and it looked just as bad as junior high.  The formula of the lipstick though is extremely creamy and hydrating.  You get a full color pigment right away but because of how creamy it is, it does tend to slip around.  So this one is hittin' the trash because it's a) not attractive on me, b) over 2 years old, and c) formula just isn't great. 

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue

Bite Beauty solely makes lip products and they do it VERY well.  When I'm in the hunt for a new lipstick, it's the first brand I search.  This creamy formula is very hydrating, super pigmented, and smooth.  The Meringue shade was my go to nude lipstick for a long time, but unfortunately it has sat in my drawer for a little too long drying out and been pushed aside for pinks instead.  If you are looking for a great nude shade I would definitely recommend this to you!

Marc Jacobs Le Marc LipCreme in Georgie Girl 

It kills me to put this in my cut pile because the cotton candy pink shade is so pretty and the magnetic tube packaging is so cool! Even before I wrote this I debated on keeping it, but after applying it on my lips again I knew it needed to go.  The cream formula is marketed as rich and hydrating but I would disagree.  The colors are very pigmented and I guess you could say "rich," but the formula is so drying on my lips and is impossible to apply smoothly or evenly.  The lipstick has stellar reviews on Sephora, so I'm not sure if it is just the Georgie Girl shade or my lips, but I won't be repurchasing from this line. 


Syrup by MAC was my very first dabble in mauve toned lipsticks. It's the perfect berry shade with a slight pink undertone that is very easy to pull off.  The lustre formula is my favorite by MAC as it's a sheerer pigment and extremely hydrating.  It's basically a lip balm/lipstick hybrid and it's amazing.  I'm cutting Syrup because it has grown a subtle white fuzz which I'm pretty sure means it's past its prime.  But I'm definitely picking up a new one to replace it because I can't imagine the fall without it. 

Model Co LuxeCreme Long Wear Lipstick in Sienna

I received this full sized lipstick in a Birchbox one month. I already knew from the first swatch it wasn't for me.  The dark rose almost brown color is not one I'm drawn too and the matte finish turned me off immediately (I've got DRYYYY lips).  This shade would probably suit someone with a much tanner complexion and with the preference for matte lipsticks. 

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai

This Bite Beauty sample is in the trash simply due to the shade.  Chai is a mauve brown and pretty much makes me look like a goth. Good thing it was just a sample! 


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 42

Next to Loreal, Rimmel is my favorite drugstore brand of lipsticks.  Their super cheap in price and they have great pigment and variety of formulas and shades.  Shade 42 is in their nude range and is quite pale but has a subtle pink undertone which keeps it out of "invisible lip" territory.  It goes on very smoothly and blends well without slipping around.

L'OrÉAl Coulour Riche in Julianne's Nude 620

This is my favorite lipstick.  I wear it almost daily and have not found a pink shade that is more perfect for me.  Even though it's technically a nude it is the perfect shade of pink exactly like my lips.  I hope they never stop making this because I'll be lost without it.  I own a few other lipsticks that are almost identical to it just in case L'oréal does discontinue it. 

L'orÉal Coulour Riche Shine in Sparkling Rose 908

The Colour Riche line is my favorite of L'oréal's but their new shine range might knock it out of first place.  The shine range not only comes in really beautiful acrylic packaging but it's also a bit sheerer and more hydrating.  I love that you can apply it without a mirror like a chapstick.  The Sparkling Rose shade is almost identical to Julianne's Nude, so of course I had to keep it. 

Givency Le Rouge-a-Porter Lipstick in Rose Aristocrate 201

This Givenchy lipstick in Rose Aristocrate is Julianne's Nude's older sister who lives on the Upper West Side but acts like she lives on Park Ave and 92nd.  The long skinny tube and the faux leather lined cap is suuuuper bougie looking.  I love keeping this in my purse for when I'm feeling fancy, because it looks way more elegant than the usual bulky lipstick bullet. 

YSL Rouge Volupté In shade 7

There was a moment a few years ago when I was really into Barbie pink lips, don't as me why.  In the pursuit of finding the elusive color, I came upon the beauty that is Yves Saint Laurent.  While the shade might not be the most flattering, I can't part with the packaging.  It reminds me of what lipsticks looked like in the 30s and 40s; heavy and ornate and down right fancy.  I don't wear this shade alone anymore (they don't even make shade 7 today!), but the bright pink mixes great with other colors.

Urban Decay Lipstick (Sheer) in Brat

Brat by Urban Decay is another Julianne's Nude dupe but with a slightly bluer undertone.  It's the perfect soft pink and I wear it regularly.  I'm sad to report that it is no longer sold for some reason, but I would definitely rebuy and recommend the Vice lipstick line from Urban Decay.  There are 135 shades and 6 different finishes, so you will definitely find one you'll love.  They go on buttery smooth and are one of the most comfortable lipsticks I've ever worn. 

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Bellini

This lipstick is my most complimented lipstick ever! I actually have been stopped on the street to be asked what it is.  Bellini is BRIGHT and fun and a total head turner in the best way possible.  This bright fushcia is one I always travel with for when I'm craving a bold lip.  I am GUTTED to write that it is discontinued (WHY BITE WHY?!) and now my search will begin to find a suitable dupe.  Their shade Kimchi would be the closest they make, but it is a less magenta than Bellini and as they describe it, a "shocking pink."

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Radish

Another Bite Beauty favorite is Radish.  It's described as a deep magenta which seems accurate to me.  I would call this the Bellini shade I wear in the fall and winter.  It's so so beautiful and bold without being crazy...if that makes sense. I think this shade would look great on everyone and it's at least worth a swatch in Sephora. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture 09 Rose STILETTO

This is definitely my most expensive lipstick and I'm kind of hoping you won't click the link to see how much I paid for it.  I justify my purchase by the fact that I got the sparkle cap and the limited edition star engraving on the lipstick itself which makes this tube look especially pretty when displayed.  YSL does some of the best packaging and I will fork over the dough to have it.  The Rose Stiletto shade is a deep rose shade that is perfect for fall and looks very chic with cat eyeliner and lots of mascara.  The Rouge Pur Couture formula is extremely luxurious and again helps me justify the major bucks I forfeited. 

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Lip Balms, Sticks, and Stains



Arrow Boost Color enhancing Lip Balm In Berry Busy

Arrow, is Birchbox's in-house athletic beauty line, I've received both of their color enhancing lip balms (they change color depending on the temperature of your skin).  The lip balm is great and the color each of them creates is very pretty, but I have other lip balms I prefer. 

Wet N Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains in Make YOu Pink and A Stiff Pink

I often get lured in and trapped but Wet N Wild's unbelievably cheap prices (I don't even want to know how they get it so cheap) and usually I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  These balm stains were no different.  They went on smoothly, had the ease of application of a lip balm, and left a long lasting stain.  But like most Wet N Wild products I buy, I wear them twice and then never touch them again.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who falls for their incredibly cheap price point?!

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace

I was SO beyond excited to get a few full size Bite products for free through Influenster last year.  Bite had just debuted their matte lip crayons and even though I'm not the biggest fan of matte products, my loyalty to Bite trumped my disdain for the formula.  The Glace shade I received was beautiful when swatched.  It was a rose-y mauve shade that I had bought and worn before, but when actually on the lips it looked very stark against my fair skin and not flattering at all.  I did like this matte formula over other mattes I had tried and I did keep one other shade they sent. 


Buxom Powerplump Lip balm 

I love lip plumpers.  Not because I want my lips to be bigger but because I'm addicted to the tingling sensation plumpers are known for.  This lip balm from Buxom is amazing!  It creates a different shade of pink on everyone depending on the temperature of your lips and the minty feel and taste is addictive.  I always have this in my bag because it's an easy way to put some color on your lips on days you just want to wear chapstick. 

Honest Beauty Truly Kissable Lip Crayon in Sheer Blossom Kiss

This lip crayon was one of my favorite drugstore purchases last year.  The texture of this crayon is a hybrid between a chapstick and a sheer lipstick and makes application fool proof!  I love Sheer Blossom Kiss because it's a perfect nude for everyday wear.  Honest Beauty is currently rebranding and I hope they don't discontinue the lip crayons because they were Allure Best of Beauty winners for a reason!  You can still buy them on, so hurry and stock up just in case. 

Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Lip Balm

This was purely a "treat yo self" purchase.  I went to Sephora to find a lip balm and walked out $40 poorer but with the most beautiful and extravagant lip balm packaging to ever grace the world.  While I'm a little embarrassed by the splurge, I also freaking love seeing that pink faux leather packaging in my purse. 

Nars Lip Pencil in Rikugien (Satin) and Let's Go Crazy (Velvet Matte)

One of Nars' best selling products are their lip pencils.  They have the precision of a lip liner but the pigment of a lipstick.  Rikugien is a rose pink shade that is perfect for everyday and Let's Go Crazy, when swatched, looks like a matte combo of Bite's Bellini and Radish.  Both the satin and the matte formulas are comfortable to wear; though the satin will require a touch up, but the matte lasts all day!

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Red Velvet

This is the only red you'll find in my makeup drawer and that's because red freaks me out.  It's a tricky color to master and very high maintenance.  The reason Red Velvet is in my possession is because it was free from Influenster and I do think everyone should have at least one red on hand even if it's just for a Halloween costume.  Red Velvet is a very rich, deep red.  I appreciate that it's not too bright and doesn't have any orange undertone. 

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Liquid Lipsticks and Glosses



Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in 05 Stripped Down

Remember two years ago when EVERYONE was bringing back the 90s inspired matte brown lip?  Well I fell victim to it for a very short time.  I never plunged too deep into the brown family but floated at the top where it still had a hint of pink.  I still like Stripped Down when swatched and it doesn't actually look that bad on me, but it just doesn't suit my personality at all.  I'll stick to the pinks and magentas.

Buxom Full On Lip Polish In Samantha

I bought this Buxom lip gloss because I was in the market for a nude gloss I could wear alone or on top over shades.  I love Buxom's plumpers and the Samantha shade was the perfect sheer nude I was looking for.  I loved the way the gloss looked but it was SOOOO sticky.  The only way to comfortably wear this would be on a windless day with your hair completely hair sprayed to your scalp, anything other than that would be catastrophe. 


Lancome L'Absolu Lacquer in 378 Be Unique

This lip lacquer by Lancome was provided to me by Influenster and when I pulled out this bright fuchsia shade I was ecstatic.  It is almost identical to Bite's Bellini!  This lacquer is not like a liquid lipstick but rather a buildable lip paint that leaves an hydrating and long lasting stain.  I loved it from first wear and want to try other shades ASAP. 

Bite BEauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Bellini and Kir Royale

Sad to report these lip glosses are discontinued (please bring them back Bite!).  They are richly pigmented, almost as much as their lipsticks, and hydrating.  While I wouldn't describe them as sticky they are definitely on the thicker side.  I'm glad to have another Bellini back up in my stash since I can no longer buy it (still not over it). 

Lancome Juicy Shaker in meli Melon

When Lisa Eldridge became Global Director of Lancome, one of her first products to bring to market was a fun twist on the brand's beloved Juicy Tubes. The Juicy Shakers have the same fun colors and flavors but instead of being a gloss their are a bio-fase oil and pigment that hydrate the lips with a sheer deposit of color.  The bottle is shaped liked a cocktail shaker because you must shake the product to get the oil and colors to fuse together.  I love the Meli Melon shade, mostly because I want to eat it off my lips immediately. 

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If you made it to the end of this post, I am deeply indebted to you.  This will definitely the last lengthy Makeup Spring Cleaning post of the series!  I apologize for my lip hoarding ways, but isn't every girl a lip product hoarder? If it's not lipstick, then it's at least chapsticks.  Every bag I own and every drawer in the house has one or two products rolling around.    Thankfully with this clear out it's become less of a problem. 

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