5 NEW Beauty Products on My Radar

One of the most dangerous things about being beauty obsessed is that I want to try every new product that hits the market.  Hair, makeup, skincare...I want...no I NEED to try it all.  One may call this a problem, but I like to call it research.  My findings this week include these five new items.


If you have yet to try Olaplex at the salon or at home you need to ASAP. It's the only patented hair treatment to repair hair from the inside out. Meaning split ends and damage are on their way out and shiny, soft, and split-end free hair is coming! Olaplex just released a shampoo and conditioner to round out their whole system, so now we can get even better and faster results between salon visits!


Retinol is one of the skincare ingredient giants I'm always a little hesitant about. It's known to cause dry, flaky skin that require a lot of getting used to before you start to see the results it promises. When I saw this new Retin-ALT serum by Ole Henriksen I was very intrigued. It uses a natural retinol alternative called Bakuchiol and AHAs to deliver amazing glowy skin. With such high ratings already, I'm dying to get my hands on this product.


Becca's new Skin Love foundation is said to deliver a medium coverage skin like finish that is infused with skincare properties to help "brighten, hydrate, and nourish the skin." When I saw it in store it looked oddly familiar to the It! Cosmetics' CC+ Cream and Bye Bye Foundation, so of course I picked up one of each and have been putting them to the test! Look out for a full review of all three products next week and see which of the three deserves your a spot in your makeup bag.


Some women fawn over luxury shoes, well I fawn over luxury mascaras. Yes, I know the drugstore usually has just as good mascaras (Loreal Lash Paradise Waterproof, for example), but I just can't resist the pretty packaging and the otherworldly results. Nars' new mascara packs major volume with no clumps or sticking due to their new whipped formula and I am living for the before and after photos! Don't worry, in the name of research I'll be testing and reporting back my findings soon.


Honest Beauty just did a big rebrand and also launched some fresh new products, one being this new eyeshadow palette. It has the perfect mix of neutrals in both shimmer and matte shades. I find eyeshadows to be some of the hardest makeup products to make "clean" compared to lipsticks or skincare. I already picked this up from Target and have been giving it a good test -- look out for a full review soon!

Drop me a comment with some new products you've seen lately or ones you've tried out!  I always love a reason to continue enabling myself to buy more and more beauty products.  Also I'm dying to know what type of beauty content (or any content) you'd like to see on the blog over the next few months, specifically as we slowly move into fall.  You have no idea how excited I am to wear sweaters and boots again, I'm in serious withdrawal since moving back to California.

(Product photos via Google)

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