Foundation Showdown - Becca Skin Love vs. It Cosmetics! Bye Bye Foundation vs. It Cosmetics! CC+


My favorite posts to write are these product reviews.  Not only because I get an excuse to buy more makeup and play, but also because I'm always so intrigued about products that seem to be completely identical to another brand's.  When I saw Becca's new weightless foundation, Skin Love, I immediately thought of It Cosmetics!.  The packaging, the added skincare, and the claims were so similar to It Cosmetics!'s best seller the Your Skin But Better CC+, that I knew a product showdown needed to happen.  While in Ulta, which I have re-fallen in love with by the way, I also saw the newer It Cosmetics! Bye Bye Foundation.  Again this product looked so similar to the CC+ and the Becca Skin Love that I decided to try out all three!  Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me first tell you what my skin type is and what I prefer in foundation, because those two things will play the biggest role in this review and help you determine whether my opinion would align with yours.  

I would classify my skin as normal.  I don't struggle with any dry patches (except for in the winter) and while I sometimes get a little "shiny" in the T-zone, I wouldn't say my skin is oily by any means.  When trying foundations I look for a weightless feel that mimics skin and looks luminous.  I'm alllll about that glow!  I hate feeling like I'm wearing foundation, and if I can see the product on my skin, it's not for me.

To give you the best and most thorough review I tested the crap out of these products.  I wore them side by side on each half of my face, on their own, and with different application techniques.  To put them to the ultimate test I didn't use any primers or powder except to set my under-eye concealer and nose (it's always the place I loose makeup first...I'm a chronic nose blower.)  I've said this before, but I personally believe a good foundation shouldn't require a primer to perform it's best.  If anything I use primers more to achieve a look like more glow or smoothing out pores and texture.  Giving foundation more longevity is just a bonus.


Becca Skin Love

According to Becca, Skin Love is a "long lasting, self-setting foundation that provides medium buildable coverage that feels weightless and looks natural."  The foundation is also infused with Vitamin C, bitter ginger, and cold pressed avocado and melon extract for added skincare benefits.  I will always think that skincare is king and it's obvious makeup brands agree because skincare infused products are launching left and right.  Another new trend is skin inclusivity (yay!) with most new foundations coming out with almost 40 shades, but Skin Love is only available in 24 shades.  Before I even tried the product, finding a perfect shade was my first frustration.  I tried multiple shades on my jawline and even standing in natural light near a window in Ulta, I could not figure out a shade that perfectly matched.  I walked back and forth from the display to the window so many times I got attention from the security guard.  Don't worry about me sir, just trying to not look like an oompaloompa or sickly.  After much internal debate I landed on Buttercup.  I realized the shade frustration was due to the undertones.  This foundation seems to lean more on the yellow side in all shades and my skin is very neutral, so any pink or yellow shades are obvious.  The few light shades that were classified as neutral were waaayy to light for me.  If you are planning to try this out I'd highly recommend trying it in store first or ordering at least 3 different shades if you choose the online route.  Like promised it did have a weightless feel that looked natural on the skin almost like a tinted moisturizer.  Unlike a tinted moisturizer though, the best way to apply this foundation is with a brush.  I used the It Cosmetics! 102 Airbrush Smoothing Foundation brush and it blended flawlessly without any brush strokes!  My usual preference of a damp beauty sponge soaked up the product too much and fingers didn't seem to blend it out well enough leaving lots of streaks.  It claims to be "self-setting" and I completely disagree.  Any time I touched my face I visibly moved the product and within a few hours of wear the makeup on my chin was completely gone and I could see foundation settling into the lines of my forehead (which NEVER happens).  Because of these two things I think dry skin and oily skin ladies would have problems with this foundation.  Dry skin would make the product clingy and oily skin would eat it away quick! Coverage was medium and buildable and I liked that the freckles on my face were still very visible but the overall tone was more even.  

Compared to the It Cosmetics! products it is very similar in feel and initial look on the skin, but lacks the longevity and added SPF that makes the Bye Bye Foundation and CC+ appealing.

It Cosmetics! Bye Bye Foundation

*This is the second time I'm writing this half of the post because I stupidly hit one of my bookmarks, which redirected my page and resulted in losing half of this post. #bloggerproblems*

It Cosmetics! is probably one of the first brands that makes skincare king in their makeup products.  Their Bye Bye Foundation is named as a full coverage moisturizer that is supposed to hydrate the skin and leave it visibly smoother, more even, and prevent any creasing or cracking that often happens with foundations.  Essentially the brand wants us to give up foundation all together and use products that will look amazing and be amazing for our skin.  Like its big sister, the CC+, Bye Bye Foundation has SPF 50+, which means one less thing you have to remember in the day!  Next to Skin Love's 24 choice shade range, the Bye Bye Foundation's offering of just 12 looks quite sad, but I oddly found it much easier to find my perfect shade (Light).  Both Skin Love and BBF had a light consistency and weightless feel with a natural finish, but BBF seemed to better apply with a damp beauty sponge.  From afar, or the un-beauty trained eye, you wouldn't be able to see a difference, but up close you can.  BBF lasted longer, looked more like skin, and didn't settle or move around like Skin Love.  At the end of the day Bye Bye Foundation definitely won, sorry Becca!  When I tested BBF against CC+, I saw very few differences.  The consistency of BBF is a tad lighter to the cream texture of CC+, but both look equally good on the skin.

It Cosmetics! your Skin But Better CC+

It Cosmetics!'s CC+ is the best selling product from the brand and the #1 CC cream in America!  It is also the only foundation I have had in my makeup drawer for years!  I love that I can apply it flawlessly with my fingers and it has SPF 50!  Just like BBF I use shade Light.  Even though the CC+ seems a bit thicker, it doesn't feel heavier at all!  Both products deliver a medium coverage that can build to full if needed.  When I wore them side by side, Brett and even myself, couldn't tell a difference!  Both products lasted long but the BBF lasted just a tad bit longer.  One of the benefits that the CC+ has is that they now offer an Illuminating and Matte version for those with drier or oiler skin types, so literally everyone can find a version perfect for their skin.  The one downside is that CC+ only comes in seven shades and only one of those is for deep.  Hopefully they will expand their shade range soon, especially since it's such best seller!  Everyone, regardless of skin tone, should be able to try this product out.

Final Thoughts

I'm going to say to skip Becca's Skin Love all together.  My experience, as well as the experience of other's I've seen on the internet, have not be stellar.  It's also the most expensive of the bunch at $44.  When it comes to the Bye Bye Foundation and CC+...I'm calling it a tie.  Both are amazing and almost identical in performance and price ($39.50 for BBF and $38 for CC+).  If you already have CC+ then I'd say stick with it, but if you need a few more shade options then try the Bye Bye Foundation.  If anything try one of them because I know you'll fall in love with it just like the rest of America has!

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