Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist vs. Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner


Before we jump into this product comparison I want to first talk about facial sprays in general.  Facial sprays have been having quite the moment the past couple of years, every brand, both skincare and makeup, high-end and low-end, has one to offer.  I have been on the facial spray bandwagon for quite some time after trying the Caudalie Beauty Elixir while studying abroad in Europe, the bottle was so fancy and the smell was intoxicating I picked up 4 bottles of it in a French pharmacy before heading back to the states.  I used the spray after skincare pre-makeup, post-makeup to set and add some glow, and even throughout the day to refresh my skin or makeup.  I was addicted until one day I wasn't.  The more I looked into these products the sooner I realized all these sprays were just glorified water.  Infused with rose or other essential oils, sometimes with added coconut oil (like the Herbivore one above), they didn't actually do anything to my skin or makeup.  Instead, I found that the process of applying them was much more therapeutic than practical.  So if you're thinking you NEED to add a facial spray to bump up your skincare or makeup game, this is me saying you don't.  But if you want to feel a little bit more relaxed and pampered when you're getting ready in the morning, a facial spray is just the thing.

One of Instagram's favorite facial sprays is the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist (wow that's a long name).  Retailing at $32 for a 4 oz bottle (yes $32!!) this spray claims to have "youth-boosting" and "moisture-enhancing" properties that "help reduce redness and blemishes."  Those are some pretty big claims for expensive water if you ask me!  I used the spray the same way I used my first love, the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  With each spray I was assaulted with a very intense rose scented bath that never seemed to fully settle on the skin or in the air.  Each morning I was guaranteed a sneezing fit, which is every makeup appliers worst nightmare.  On my skin it left quite big drop marks and was slightly sticky to the touch as if it never fully dried.  After a month of use, seeing no difference in my skin, lasting power, or added glow to my makeup I decided it was time to bid adieu to the Herbivore Face Mist.

Now enter the Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner.  This baby (and its under $5 price tag) caught my eye while grocery shopping a few weeks back.  I appreciated that the ingredient list did not include any alcohol, which many cheaper facial "toners" tend to include as filler.  The spray was consistently even and fine no matter how many times I sprayed it and the rose scent was much more fresh and far less intense than the Herbivore spray.  Again I have been using this pre-makeup, post-makeup, and throughout the day when I want a little pick me up.  Unlike the Herbivore, this spray did actually add some hydration and glow to my face after makeup (yay!) and even when I seemed to spray it a million times onto my skin, my makeup was never disrupted or left water marks.  I'm for sure keeping this product in my daily routine and will probably pick up back up bottle next time I'm out for groceries.

When shopping for facial sprays just remember to not expect miracles from them and the higher the price tag, usually, the bigger the rip off.  Marketing and pretty packaging is usually what you're paying for rather than the product inside the bottle, which was definitely the case for the Herbivore Face Mist.  All hail Trader Joe's for their delicious produce and surprisingly great beauty aisle.  Curious to know if you've picked up any beauty items from Trader Joe's?  And speaking of Trader Joe's, I recently was asked to do a haul of my go-to's so expect that on Friday!  The photos won't be stellar (groceries are remarkably ugly and very un-blog worthy), but I'm excited to share my picks! 

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