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A month or two ago I was on the Ulta homepage and stumbled upon a new brand called Flesh (just typing that still makes me cringe).  As any millennial would, I immediately snapped a picture for Instastory with a poll asking if you would not buy makeup from a brand based on their name alone?  Unsurprisingly, the resounding answer was yes.  A name is so important to a brand since it's the first thing a consumer sees and in that split second they've usually made their buying decision right then and there.  After completely writing the brand off all together I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Second Life.  The host, Hillary Kerr, was interviewing Linda Wells, founding editor of Allure, the FIRST beauty focused magazine (and my personal favorite) and current creative officer at Revlon and founder of Revlon's first ever luxury makeup brand, Flesh.  I literally couldn't believe what I was hearing.  The woman who created my favorite magazine ever was also the mind behind a brand that made my skin crawl?! How!?  I was even more in shock when she said she always wanted to name a makeup brand Flesh. Why? Why? Why?!!  Giving her the benefit of the doubt I didn't tune out from there and she went on to explain how she hated the crayon color "flesh."  From a young age we were ingrained to believe the color of skin should be a perfect peachy complexion, which is hardly true of anyone!  I'm not even as tan as the crayon?!  So in efforts to revert this thinking she wanted to create a line of makeup that would cover EVERY single skin tone from the palest of pale to the deepest of dark.

When the podcast finished my curiosity for the brand was immediately piqued and I drove straight to Ulta and bought almost every product they offered. So today I'm here to let you know what was great and what was not. 


Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation In Shade CustarD - $18

(One of the many names I hated typing in this blog post.)  In her pursuit of skin-inclusivity, Linda was adamant for there to be 40 shades ranging across the spectrum.  First looking at the range I was actually nervous my shade wasn't there but after landing on Custard as my current match I can say with confidence I have never found any foundation to match me this perfectly, so kudos to you Linda!  (Tip: When choosing your shade, choose the three shades you think look the closest and then test them all next to each other on your jawline.  Blend them in and you'll immediately see which one is your match!)  When it comes to formula, the foundation gives a medium coverage with dewy finish just as promised.  This was my first stick foundation, so I was nervous it would cake city on my face.  But once blended it looked remarkably like skin.  Evidenced in the (very close up) picture above, you definitely still see every freckle.  Over the 5 days that I tried the foundation I used both a damp makeup sponge and a brush.  It took a lot of work to blend with a sponge and I found I was pulling the makeup over the face rather than blending it in.  A brush application (I used the Morphe 439 ) solved this problem immediately.  It blended so quickly and any brush strokes left behind was fixed with a quick pat of the brush or damp beauty sponge.  The longest I wore the foundation was 11 hours and it lasted well, rubbing off in the usual places like my chin and nose first.  The stick applicator made it super easy to touch up, but I did find it could look a bit cakey in my personal trouble zone, the chin.  I also tested it with and without a primer and saw no difference in longevity.  Because it is a stick foundation, building up is very easy because you can pinpoint the exact spot you need it.  Now my only concessions with the product are the packaging and the price to product ratio.  The packaging is very cheap-y plastic that you would expect from a drugstore brand and the colors of brown and pink immediately transport me to my favorite outfit from Limited Too in 2005 (anyone else?).  The $18 price point is actually quite appealing to the eye for a luxury product, but when you actually see how little product you get (0.16 oz to be exact), that $18 will be eaten up quickly, especially if you wear foundation on a daily basis. 

Should you try it?

Yes! you're GUARANTEED to find your shade and it looks like skin!

Fresh Flesh Illuminating Primer - $32

I wasn't planning to buy the primer because I believe a good foundation shouldn't need a primer to perform, but the Ulta employee who assisted me kept saying the primer was a must to help with the application of the foundation.  I obliged and dropped it into my bag -- I'm your classic pushover shopper.  The primer was in a much nicer packaging of glass and had a top that could be locked, which is something I always look for in a liquid product because we've all been there when something explodes in your toiletry bag and ruins everything!  It's a very liquid-y primer, almost like water, and smoothed on the skin quickly and left behind a hydrated glow.  It has a slight shimmer of blue and purple that reflects the light and looks glowy not glittery.  I personally didn't see any difference in foundation application with or without the primer and like I said above my makeup didn't last longer because of it.  The $32 price point makes me believe your paying for the amount of product and the packaging more than the ingredients in the primer. 

Should YOu try it?

No. Stick with a good moisturizer or whichever Primer you already use. If you're looking for hydration and illumination, I'd try the Becca First LIght Priming Filter

Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops in Shade Aura - $28

Ripe Flesh? Really? Anyways, you know I love a good highlighter especially a liquid one!  The Glisten Drops come in 4 shades that cater to fair, light, medium, and deep skin tones and are infused with mica pearl for a truly reflective highlight.  Hello cheekbones!  From the bottle you'd expect a super in your face shine but because of the gelled water, it's surprisingly subtle at first application.  This is on purpose.  The Glisten Drops are meant to be used on top of the skin or mixed in with other liquids like moisturizer, foundation, or primer!  I recently tried it out in some body lotion and applied on my legs and OH MY GOSH!! Brett couldn't stop telling me how nice my legs looked, but he doesn't need to know it was all smoke and mirrors (lol). 

Should you try it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! So multipurpose.

Flesh to Flesh Highlighting Powder in Shade Certain - $28

If you've read my Makeup Spring Cleaning post on highlighters you know I don't need any more, but I just couldn't resist, especially after touching these.  They are described as a cream-like powder and that's exactly exactly what they are!  They blend beautifully with a brush or your finger which is not usually the case with a powder.  The texture reminded me of a lot of Becca's highlighters and I found I prefer Becca's shade range to Flesh's.

Should You Try It?

Sure, if you like the shades.  But I'd try Becca first!

Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm in shade Startle and Pinky - $18

I love stick highlighters for their ease of application, just dot and blend or just use your finger from product to face.  I picked up both the Startle and Pinky shades.  Startle is an almost white highlighter which when swatched is kind of scary looking.  Pinky is a frosted pink that's very pretty.  I used both but found myself loving Startle the best! When blended out it just melts into the skin leaving the perfect shine.  It would make a great affordable dupe to RMS Living Luminizer, which was life changing for me.  Like the Glisten Drops their are 4 shades to cater to fair, light, medium, and deep tones, so Startle won't be for everyone but I'd still give them a try. 

Should you Try it?

Yes! Great price point for a luxury highlight!

Tender Flesh BlusH in Shade Pulse - $26

Another product in the line with cheap packaging and not a lot of product.  I also wasn't a huge fan of the fingerprint feature, it gave me serious true-crime vibes, which isn't something I really want to be reminded of when putting on my makeup.  The shade Pulse was a dusty rose, which I thought would be perfect for the coming fall months and I didn't have own any blush in this shade already.  From first application it was SUPER pigmented like too pigmented, and I didn't even pick up that much in the first place.  The insult to injury was also that it was patchy when applied.  It took a lot of blending with a makeup sponge and clean makeup brush to lift and blend the product to keep me from looking like I was suffering from a heat rash. 

Should You Try It?

No! There are far better blushes out there, even at the drugstore! Like these ones from Wet N' Wild.

Fleshcolor Eyeshadow palette - $38

From first glance this is a pretty palette, full of neutrals and one pop of color, perfect for everyday.  I tested out the shades with one eye using eyeshadow primer and one without.  The eye with primer had a harder time blending but did last longer while the one without blended faster (not necessarily better), but creased a handful of hours into the wear. You can actually start to notice the creasing and the so-so blending in the photo above.  I love shimmers and wear them more than I do mattes, but I prefer my shimmer shades to be buttery soft and these just weren't.  The hot pink shade really drew me in, but sadly lacked the pigmentation you would expect from such a strong shade.  Again, in the photo above you can notice how lackluster it is. 

Should YOu Try It?

No. I would give Lorac palettes a go first! Buttery smooth shimmers, amazing shade range and more mattes!

Fleshy Lips Lipstick in shade Lick - $18

No one has to twist my arm to buy a lipstick, especially not a pinky nude.  The Fleshy Lips lipsticks are a sheer and creamy range of 4 nudes to match or enhance your own natural lip color.  The lightest shade, Lick, was just slightly richer than my natural lip color with a bit more peach.  I really liked the sheer application but found that it didn't go on as smoothly or evenly as other sheer nudes I own.  Bottom line, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. 

Should YOu Try It?

Sure.  It's not a must, but it's not a Total bust either.


If I had to give Flesh Beauty a grade it would be a solid B+.  They get major points for their 40 shades of foundation and their skin-toned focused colors, but they really are lacking in the packaging department.  For a prestige brand I would expect a sturdier plastic or glass packaging, and I didn't find through any research that the lower quality packaging was on pursuit of being "greener."  After packaging, I'm still docking them points on the name.  I understand the story behind "Flesh," but even Skin Beauty would have been a better, less creepy name that still would have driven the skin-inclusivity point home. I'm curious to see what new products they will bring out.  Their buttery soft highlighting powders make me eager for powders and bronzers for future releases.  Also, through some digging I did see rumors about mascaras and brow products in the works. 

After seeing the products and hearing about the story behind the name, do you think you'll give Flesh Beauty a try?

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