An Honest Review About Honest Beauty


It's very convenient that today's full face brand review is Honest Beauty because that's exactly what I'm going to be with you. Honest.  I LOVE reviewing a full face of one brand's makeup (if you haven't read my Flesh Beauty review you can do so here) and thought it would be fun to try out a more under the radar brand.  Jessica Alba's green brand, Honest, recently rebranded their beauty range with new packaging, almost half the amount of products as before to streamline the brand, and a cheaper price point!  The new price point combined with the Target Cartwheel offer of 20% off Honest made me go a bit crazy and so I bought one of everything that my local Target had displayed.  I did a bit of research about why the brand got such a major overhaul and Alba told Allure that she wanted the brand to be less overwhelming and just hold the essentials.  The new packaging was created to be more Instagram friendly (obviously), but I actually preferred the older packaging.  It seemed more high end looking and definitely felt more high end in your hand.  But of course packaging means nothing to what's actually inside and (SPOILER!) I was not impressed with that either.  I really wish I had tried out the products before the rebrand so I could tell if the quality had gotten worse or if this was what they always had been.  I'll get into each product below, there was one winner so don't lose hope, but there won't be a picture of myself wearing the makeup as I just couldn't muster the courage to paste that onto the internet forever.  Seriously it was that bad.  I was able to remedy the situation a bit (I'll tell you what it was below), but after going to lunch with Brett (to which I wore a hat to try and hide my face) I went straight home to wash it all off.  Makeup should make you feel like a better version of yourself but I felt so much happier and even prettier with a fresh bare face.  That right there should tell you a lot about these products!   


The brand's Everything Primer Glow is one of their top sellers and even won an Allure Best of Beauty Award. I used both formulations on either side of my face to give them a real test and see how the foundation held up and applied on with each. The matte primer took down any shine I had from my sunscreen/moisturizer but because I'm not a matte lover I wasn't thrilled or impressed by it. The side with the glow formulation went on smooth like a moisturizer, but I didn't find it to be life changing in hydration. I much prefer my Becca Skin Filter for a glow, or just a good hydrating gel moisturizer like the Belif Aqua Bomb. Neither primer helped the foundation perform better or last longer, in my opinion.

RATING: Matte - 2 out of 5 & Glow - 2 out of 5


After trying the Flesh Beauty Foundation Stick I have been more and more interested in cream foundation formulations. I like that the Honest Everything Cream Foundation came in a compact with a huge mirror! The shade range though wasn't great. I bought two of the lightest shades Snow and Linen and they both weren't great matches for me but I decided to try out Snow because I'd rather darken it up with bronzer than be too dark from the start. The compact included a sponge but with one swipe I knew that was no-go. I grabbed my favorite flat top brush from Morphe to pat and blend the makeup in the face. One word: STREAKY! Oh my gosh the horror I saw in the mirror while blending out this foundation. The dogs probably thought something was horribly wrong because I just kept saying "no, oh no, no, no, oh my gosh no" over and over again into the mirror. On both the matte and glow sides of my face the foundation clung to areas like the nose and chin and emphasized the light fine hair everyone has on the their cheeks and jawline - awesome. I became so self conscious about it I almost bought a facial razor but decided against it as no foundation ever has done this. The foundation also looked and felt very heavy on my skin and anytime I lightly touched my face I had foundation on my fingers. No thank you.

RATING: 0 out of 5 - sorry to be harsh but just no

I was really excited to try out this plum creme blush because I thought it would be perfect for fall. I used a Real Techniques stipple brush. As with all cream foundation I dabbed the excess off on my wrist before taking it to my face and even after doing that I looked like I had just applied clown makeup. This stuff is PIGMENTED! I desperately tried to blend it out with a damp sponge and while it helped a bit, I was so nervous to go out in public. I don't think the blush is necessarily bad, but just know a little goes a long way and maybe stay away from the darker shades.

RATING: 3 out of 5


There were two products responsible for ruining my face (#dramatic). The first being the foundation and the second being this face powder. If you want to look like a chalky ghost, then look no further, this is the product for you! The powder did blur out my skin but it most certainly was not invisible. The already noticeable dry patches and jaw hair from the foundation was now ten times more noticeable - yay! Usually powder makes other powders like bronzer apply more evenly but this did not have that effect. I tried three different bronzers that I love and each one was undetectable with this powder under it! The only way to remedy the whole situation was to add the magic of Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. This makeup spray has actual oil in it so if you're oily don't even think of buying this, but if you are dry, meet your new best friend. The oil in the spray took down the powder dramatically and brought back glow to my face. The only redeeming quality of this powder was the packaging. It had a clever locking lid over it's net threshold, so it would be impossible to open up and ruin your makeup bag. Too bad the product inside isn't as genius as the packaging.

RATING: 1 out of 5


Another Allure Best of Beauty winner is their lip crayons. Next to the new Marsala shade is my favorite favorite lip crayon in Sheer Blossom Kiss (which they still have) in the original packaging. While the Marsala shade looks almost identical to the Sheer Blossom Kiss they are SO different. First and most importantly in texture. The original formulation is a big thicker almost like a chapstick/lipstick hybrid. The new formulation is very thin and feels extremely slippery on the lips. I have no doubt it would bleed into lines or be moved around so fast with any drinks or food, which the original formation did not do. Secondly, the colors are misleading. The Marsala shade looked like it would be a deeper nude shade but it ended up applying so dark almost brown and I took it off immediately. I'm curious to see if Honest will retain their Best of Beauty Award with this new formulation, because it sure isn't the same as before.

RATING: 2 out of 5


The most exciting new launch to the rebrand was this eyeshadow palette. Alba enlisted her makeup artist Daniel Martin (fun fact: he's also Meghan Markle's makeup artist) to create the perfect every day palette that could easily transition any look from date to night, shimmer to matte, and beyond. On fist glance the eyeshadow palette looks really fun and just what you'd want for everyday. I have tested it out a handful of times and each time my thought is just...meh. The colors are okay but not great or anything new. The quality is unfortunately just not there. The white shade is chalky, no color is stellar in the blending department, and the gold shimmer almost has no pigment. It will get you where you need to go in the end but there are so many better palettes at drugstore and high end prices. Honestly, in the end I think I'm most disappointed in Daniel Martin because I would have expected a much better palette in quality and creativity from a seasoned celebrity artist.

RATING: 3 out of 5


You finally made it to the last and best product from the line! Go you! I know we had a rough journey to get here. Honest's mascara is it's number one selling product and I see why (it has over 900 reviews on Target). The primer is very light but perfectly preps the lashes to be longer, darker, and have great separation. I loved the way my lashes looked with this mascara! I'm usually a volume girl (which is why I usually turn to Diorshow Overcurl, Lancome Monsieur Big, or Loreal Lash Paradise Waterproof), but this was a nice change. If you're into lots of length and separation, you will love this mascara!


I'm sorry this took a bit longer to put up but I secretly was putting it off because I didn't even want to revisit how horrible these products were (again #dramatic).  I hope this honest review helped you save money and kept you from looking like a clown like I did.  One thing to note: if you do like some of the products I bashed, that's totally fine.  Everyone's skin and preferences are different so just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it shouldn't work for you.  I want to do more of these types of posts, so if you ever have a brand suggestion leave a comment or email me at!  I think the next brand I'd like to explore is Benefit.  It's such a popular brand but I often overlook it.  It's time to change that.

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