Operation Keto: Week Seven ( and Week Six...Sorta)


After a delicious (and sometimes nauseous) Christmas and anniversary week we are back home and back on Keto! I realized that I technically could have written a Week Six update post since we stayed Keto until Christmas Eve, but writing and posting a blog on Christmas morning was not on my agenda. Week Seven officially kicked off Christmas morning and the first order of business was to eat 45 lbs of my mom’s sticky buns. A few hours later came Brett’s family’s Christmas lunch which of course meant I had to again devour 45 lbs of scalloped potatoes and chocolate cream pie. By the time 3 pm rolled around I was so stuffed (and slightly queasy) that I couldn’t even eat at my family’s Christmas dinner. But I did manage to make some room for a few pieces of Nana’s fudge and Aunt Martha’s butter cookies.

On the 26th we left for our 4 year wedding (8 year dating) anniversary in Denver! Much to my unwelcome surprise my period showed up that morning and thus began the day of feeling like I was going to pass out, vomit, and rip my ovaries out at any given moment — oh what fun!! The only silver lining of these murderous cramps was that the pain completely distracted me from my usually anxiety-riddled mind while flying. Four ibuprofens later we landed at Denver International and set our sights on our favorite suburban Mexican restaurant Los Dos Potrillos (we ended up eating here twice on the trip and now will never not get the Queso Chorizo dip). Eating rice and tortillas for the first time in 7 weeks really did me in. So much so I couldn’t even eat anything else the rest of the day! By the next morning (our anniversary!) my stomach was empty and ready to be filled with Juan’s Breakfast Tacos at Snooze, our favorite breakfast spot in Denver (specifically the Union Station location). I thought I was being good by not also ordering a side of Peanut Butter Cup pancakes, but in hindsight I have now accepted that tortillas (flour or corn) are just not for me if I want to feel like a functioning human! I again was so stuffed and sick that I couldn’t eat until dinner!! Between breakfast and dinner we drove around our favorite neighborhoods, saw Mary Poppins Returns, and got some coffee at Wash Perk (a fun play on FRIENDS, Central Perk). For dinner we made reservations at our favorite favorite favorite steakhouse, Shanahan’s. I have yet to have a better steak in my life. Since I still wasn’t feeling great after the carb heavy breakfast, I opted to skip the bread and the Mac n’ Cheese that Brett ordered. I did have the Hoison Glazed Brussel Sprouts (which were divine!) and we devoured the chocolate mousse they served us for our anniversary. We left the restaurant very full and very happy.

For the next two days we decided to take it easy on breakfast, much like we do at home when we are on Keto. We indulged ourselves with pizza one night at Bar Dough, and we did get bagels one late morning from the best bagel shop in Denver, Rosenberg’s (I’m still dreaming about that egg bagel 😍)! On our last full day we hung out with friends and went to Los Dos Potrillos again for dinner. Going into that dinner I thought there was no way I’d finish my three enchiladas, but I cleaned my plate in record time (lol). And our final treat in Denver was doughnuts from our favorite, LaMar’s and coffee from Corvus Coffee Roasters. Even though we got home around noon to Burbank we decided it was a very good idea to get Digorno pizza as our last hurrah to the holiday season. Was it delicious? Yes. Did we feel sick, after? Yes! Was it worth it? Definitely.

Weekly UPdate Q’s

Weight Loss or Gain

I weighed myself Christmas Eve because I was curios to see how much I had lost in the full six weeks and I was officially down 10 lbs! I was sure I had gained at least 4 lbs over this past week. I was so sad that I had ruined my six weeks of hard work, that I became incredibly sulky one of the days we were in Denver. I was oddly dreading and excited to step on the scale this morning and the scale reflected a 1.3 lb loss! I’m not sure how this is possible but I am very happy about it.

How DO I Feel?

Today I feel great, just like I do on most Keto days. I didn’t feel great at all on the days I ate carbs, that is FOR SURE. I felt bloated, fat, and in a constant craving for sweets. It’s crazy how quickly your mind can go back to a state of carb craziness and it proves how powerful carbs are to our body physically and mentally. I also noticed that on our anniversary (last Thursday) I felt quite anxious. I have no doubt that this was due to the excess carbs and sugar I had been consuming. I’m so glad that Keto has helped me a lot in that department! If you struggle with anxiety (the kind that comes out of nowhere, not the situational kind brought on by fear), I highly recommend trying a Ketogenic Diet.

What are Your Go-To’s for BReakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?

This week it was anything and everything I wanted (lol). Which was fun, but I’m so glad I don’t eat that way anymore.

Overcoming Temptations to Break the diet…

Even though I ate all the carbs I could want this past week, not once did I think about stop eating Keto once I got back home. I love how much better I feel that that alone gives me the motivation to keep going and limit my carb consumption to special occasions.

If you read my New Year’s Resolutions post then you’ll know I didn’t make any resolutions for health or fitness. Starting Keto despite the holiday season has made January 1st and 2nd far less pressure filled. I’m excited to see what my results will be at the end of the month and before we go on a cruise in early Feb. The cruise is what made me start Keto in the first place and now that it is in sight, I’m even more motivated to stay as close to Keto as possible for the next 5 weeks!

Let me know if you have decided to take on the Keto diet this year! I want these posts to be a resource of inspiration, accountability, and motivation for you so that

we can all have a happy and healthy 2019!

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