Upright Go Posture Training Review - Does It Work and Is It Worth $80?


“Pull you shoulders back.” “You’re gonna be a hunchback when you’re older.” “Shoulders down, chest up, neck tall.” I have had these phrases said to me my whole life and other than rolling my eyes and barking back, “Leave me alone. I’m just relaxed,” not much has made me dutifully try to change my bad posture. I had no lower back pain, I didn’t look like I had bad posture in pictures, so was it REALLLLY that bad? Finally — or as Brett and my mother probably see it — inevitably, I started experiencing some more than usual upper back pain (I have a sports injury from HS that has left my upper back consistently tighter than normal) and I questioned if maybe my bad posture might actually be making it worse. In a moment of serendipity (or maybe not because I totally believe our phones are always listening to us) I stumbled upon multiple ads, across all social channels, for the Upright Go Posture Trainer. Their 15 second videos of their product in action on an overly slouched blonde woman (whose hair I was very envious of) captivated and intrigued me. Well done Upright Go social media team! I headed to their website where you can buy directly or through Amazon for the polarizing price of $80, but we’ll be get into that in a bit. I got my trainer in the mail and got to work. They claim that you will have better posture after 15 days of their tailored-to-you training program.

So the question is, did it work?

What Do you Get

When you receive your trainer in the mail, inside your box you will find:

  1. Upright Go Trainer (pictured above)

  2. a USB charger

  3. alcohol swabs

  4. multiple-use sticky adhesive gel pads to attach the trainer to your back

  5. getting started pamphlet to guide you through operating your trainer

  6. small black zip up pouch to store it all and travel with

How It Works

The first thing you will do when you get your trainer is download the Upright Go app which is available to for both iPhones and Androids. No phone discrimination here! Next you will set up your profile and answer a variety of questions about your body and lifestyle. You will be asked to rate your current posture and the level of pain you experience on a daily basis. After setting up your account your training program will be ready. Each day you will be asked to calibrate your trainer before using it. With your Upright Go attached to the middle of your upper back, you will stand with perfect posture (shoulders rolled back and down but relaxed, belly button pulled into the spine to activate your abs, neck tall with gaze looking forward) while the trainer learns this posture. Calibration allows the trainer to sense when you have deviated from perfect posture and in response, vibrate to let you know to adjust. On the app homepage you will see a green man (aka: virtual you), as you stand tall he stands tall, as you slouch he slouches too and turns red. When training, he is a helpful visual representation of your posture. When you are using your trainer you have two usage modes: training and tracking. Training goals are new everyday, starting low (my first day was 9 mins for 1 session) to high (my 15th day was 20 mins for 3 sessions). During training you want to keep your posture perfect the entire time. If the trainer notices you deviating for longer than 8 seconds you will be vibrated. When you have completed a training session you can switch your usage mode to tracking. Tracking will…track (duh)…your posture, but will not alert you to deviations unless it is for a prolonged period of time (7-15 minutes). Tracking all day (outside of training sessions) allows you to look at your “upright” vs “slouched” time and percentage at the end of the day, but without the vibration every time you are in a slouched position for longer than 8 seconds (ie: tying your shoes, feeding the dogs, ect). This means you can wear your trainer virtually unnoticed by anyone or even yourself. After each week of training you will rate changes in posture and pain. At the end of the 15-day test, they recommend you keep training for 20 minutes, 2-4 times a week to maintain your progress and perfect your posture for life-long success!


  • Small and fairly compact, making it invisible under clothes when wearing it in public.

  • I liked that I could track my posture for as long as I wanted without actively “training.”

  • The app is a great visual guide to virtually see yourself slouch.

  • Training plan was doable (for the first few days I actually thought it was too easy!).

  • Long lasting charge


  • The vibration is kind of loud even on it’s lowest “volume,” this is why it is recommended to not train in public, but you can still track.

  • The multiple-use sticky gel pads need to be replaced more than I’d like (especially if you are a daily body lotion user like me). The alcohol pads help create a “clean canvas” but it’s kind of hard to use them on yourself.

  • The transition from standing to sitting is a bit tricky because the trainer doesn’t know the difference. I would recommend recalibrating when sitting, so you don’t end up getting buzzed every 8 seconds.

  • This is a bit nit-picky, but the charger cable is super short. I like to charge my device overnight and to do so I have to charge it under my nightstand where my outlet is!

Did It Work?

I’m going to say a resounding YES! After just the first week I felt like I was already better with keeping good posture, mostly because the trainer brought my posture to my attention a lot more than if I was trying to perfect my posture on my own. After enough training days, when I wasn’t wearing the trainer I noticed that I was much more aware of when I was slouching. I was able to pick up on small body cues like relaxing my upper back a little too much, which would completely misalign my spine, even though it didn’t look like I was slouching. It was like my body was expecting a vibration to tell me to adjust! If you’re hoping the Upright Go to is an easy way to get good posture you’re wrong. YOU have to do the actual work, but the genius behind the Upright Go is the creation of a habit. After the 15 days are up, you have to be disciplined enough to use it again and train a few times a week. Thankfully the app has notifications you can turn on to remind you to train!

Is It Worth $80?

The reason I said that $80 was a polarizing price was because when I had posted on Instastory that I was testing the Upright Go out I was flooded with questions on how much it was. With my response of “$80,” I either got a “Oh wow that’s so expensive!” or “I would have expected it to be more” reaction. No response is bad, and it ultimately comes down to your personal budget, but I believe $80 is well worth it. One trip to the chiropractor is at least $20, or more depending on your insurance, and getting regular massages are crazy in contrast to a one time payment of $80. I would much rather pay $80 once, and perfect my posture naturally, than deal with the aftermath of letting it get too bad for too long. Not only will you probably end up spending thousands of dollars in medical bills but you will be battling treacherous back pain which at some point can only be managed by prescription drugs because the damage will have become too much to reverse. If you are still on the fence think about it this way… After one year of use (15 day training plan followed by at least 2 training sessions per week for a total of 115 days) your price-per-wear is only $0.70!! So if you don’t believe your back health is worth $0.70, then I’m not sure I can persuade you of anything!


So do think you’ll give the Upright Go a shot? If you have any questions about my experience or about the trainer itself, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them! Also, please tell me if you too have been subject to bad posture abuse all your life, I know I can’t be the only one out there. Though I guess now that I have better posture, the tables have turned and I get to be the Posture Police. In fact I bet you’re slouching right now!! Gotcha!

Shop the Upright Go Trainer here!


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