5 Ways to Keep You Motivated

5 Ways to Keep You Motivated - Habits + Hues

Two weeks ago I worked out 6 days in a row and then the next week I didn’t go once. A nasty cold was the culprit (still battling that ever annoying lingering cough!!), but still my motivation from that stellar fitness week was stalled. It’s hard to start routines (of any kind) and stick with them, especially when you fall off the wagon for whatever reason. So, today I’m sharing with you five ways to keep motivated, whether that be in your fitness, personal, relational, or spiritual journey. January is coming to a close and I'm sure you’ve already dropped one or two resolutions, hopefully this list will help get you back on track and stay there!

5 Ways to Keep You Motivated

  1. Write down your WHY

    Go one step further than a bullet list of goals. Write down why you want to achieve them and how you think they will effect your future once you do. Also, physically write them down. There is something about putting pen to paper that not only gets us to take our goals more seriously, but also the confidence to achieve them than if they were to sit in a note on our phones. Digital notes are too easily lost in the shuffle, but having a notebook, post it, or dry-erase board with our goals visibly shouting at us is much more helpful.

  2. Use an app

    Habits are created with consistency and thankfully there are lots of apps out there that help you track it. My personal favorite app is called, Streak. It’s easy to use, not overly complicated in the tracking process, and doesn’t make you feel bad if you break your streak. I love that can customize the frequency of your habits for daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Some of the habits I’m tracking are running/cardio two times a week, taking my vitamins, and following my Read Scripture Bible in a Year Plan (highly, highly recommend, btw!). Some other good ideas that aren’t your usual drink more water, floss, etc type habits could be write snail mail twice a month, make dinner for someone once a month, or go screen-free once a week. Steak makes it easy to track any type of habit and gives you 100s of icons to customize each one.

  3. Incentives, incentives, incentives

There are very few things I love more than a “treat yo’ self” moment. While I don’t dedicate a whole day to doing it like Tom and Donna on Parks and Rec (in my dreams!), I do like to plan something special when I complete a big goal. It can be as small or as large as you want, but it just needs to be enticing enough to keep you on track. Incentives are another thing you can physically write down to keep your reward at the forefront of your mind when those tougher and more tempting days inevitably come.

4. Look for inspiration

Inspiration can be found in so many different places and ways. And not every inspiration needs to be something to aspire to. You can easily use something in the past as inspiration to motivate you. I remember when running for longer than a minute was horrible and almost impossible, instead of just giving up I let that inspire me to get to the point I am now. I might not be able to run miles on end without stopping (…yet), but now I can run for prolong periods of time and instead of feeling drained, I feel energized to keep going! The true meaning of a runner’s high! When it comes to fitness inspiration one of my favorite people to follow is Liz Adams. No she’s not a fitness instructor or health coach, she’s a blogger and mom of two little boys and she never wants to go to the gym, but she wakes up and gets it done (and not in a show-offy way) and it always makes me want to get moving too!

5. Enlist a buddy

Not a new tip by any means but by far the most effective. Having a buddy with you along the way makes any goal more attainable and less daunting. My sister and I had both decided to be more mindful eaters because we were falling into bored eating binges that made us feel sad, unconfident, and just gross. To keep each other accountable we would send pictures of what we ate all day long. This made us more aware of of the quality and quantity of our food consumption and we were able to cheer each other on when we didn’t resort to food out of boredom or as a way to cope with our emotions. And no we didn’t just take pictures of spinach salads and green smoothies, we shared even the cookies we ate, or sugary Starbucks we bought, but seeing those less healthy choices on our phones all day made us make better choices the rest of the day while still enjoying ourselves. Fitness is also a really easy way to enlist a buddy to. I like to plan days to run at the gym with my sister or if I’m home and willing to join, I’ll muster enough energy to do an Insanity workout with Brett.

What are some ways you keep motivated? I think my favorite tip from above is the Streak app. It’s surprisingly addicting to fulfill a certain habit every day!