How I KonMari'd My Closet (and Life)

If everyone KonMari’d their closet would you? I would and I think you should do. Marie Kondo’s newest Netflix show, Tidying Up, debuted on January 2nd (kudos to whoever proposed that launch date) and just like her best selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, everyone and their mother is emptying their closets and dressers and diving into the huge pile of their consumerism in the hopes of decluttering, living with less mess, and in the Marie Kondo spirit, living with only the things that spark joy.

While I’m a firm believer that the book is always better than the on-screen make, I’m so glad Netflix brought Marie Kondo to the masses. Most people won’t read books, but they will watch Netflix! I’ve been loyal follower of the “spark joy” lifestyle and found it’s been so easy to maintain for over three years! It keeps my house more organized and has made me a better shopper because I only buy things I actually need and “spark joy.” Which means I have less random crap in my closet, that I only wear once and never touch again! If you’ve watch Tidying Up but haven’t read the book, I highly recommend it! Mari lays out her in depth step by step process of the “KonMari” method that the show just doesn’t reveal to its fullest (and why would it, Marie wants to sell her book, duh!). The book itself is a super fast read and will help get you started that day to decluttering your life and living more meaningfully with less.






This before and after is not as jaw dropping as people doing KonMari for the first time, but even just a one year refresh makes a huge difference! I noticed I had a lot of tops that just weren’t that flattering or my style anymore that I had hanging in my closet for those “just in case” moments that never end up coming! One thing I’m proud to say I’ve kept up for over three years is keeping my jeans collection to less than 5 pairs! Right now I have 3 (2 are the same just different lengths, lol! You can see what pair I’m talking about here) and the third is my favorite midtone wash 10-inch high rise from Madewell (Which are currently on sale for only $59.99 - originally $135!)! I don’t know what it is about girls, but why do we feel the need to have 47 pairs of the same jeans? We all know we wear the same 4 every week and maybe throw in a random one every few months. Whether you MariKondo your wardrobe or not, I challenge you to declutter your jeans and keep only your absolute favorites, you’ll be appalled at the carnage!

While Marie calls her clients to physically touch all the items to see if they spark joy or not, I go one step further in the wardrobe department…I try EVERYTHING on! There are a lot of things that spark joy but sometimes they just don’t fit anymore, they are falling apart, or they are now at the point where they are so over worn people might think you only own that one top, and you’ll only know this if you try the actual clothes on. This time around I had to let go of three of my ultimate favorite pieces. My favorite white circle top, another favorite white and blue striped top with ruffle sleeves, and a Madewell jumpsuit that I wore literally everyday in spring and summer. The first two I had had since HIGH SCHOOL! I still love them and they both still looked great on me, but at almost 25 it’s time to say goodbye to something I’ve worn since 15. Trying everything on also reminds you of the clothes you kept that you never quite loved when you wore them but they were cute on the hanger so you kept them, giving them another chance to somehow become cute off hanger. I had a beautiful long silky white and blue striped shirt tunic from Gap that I loved on the hanger and for the first 5 minutes of wearing it, but after 5-10 minutes the sleeves got extremely loose and it drove me crazy. Every time I wanted to wear it I would remember how annoyed I would get while wearing it and so it just sat in my closet forever. So…buh-bye!

What I love most about having a KonMari’d wardrobe is that I actually have pieces I love and look good on me and I can see where my wardrobe has gaps. For instance, I don’t own a pair of black jeans. I’m not sure how this happened, but it did, and now it needs rectifying immediately! (I’m about to pull the trigger on these new bad boys.) I also don’t own any black dresses, black booties, black flats, or even a black jacket (other than my hugggeee fluffy one and North Face.). I’m actually shocked at the lack of black in my wardrobe, especially since I was raised by a woman who wears 98% black all the time. Now that I see these wholes in my closet I can shop smart and with purpose. This has been the biggest change I’ve seen by maintaining the KonMari method.

My wardrobe and home have become more streamlined, less cluttered, and when I walk around my home I actually see decor items I love or have sentimental meaning to me. Of course I still love a good Home Goods or Target spree (I’M STILL HUMAN!) but what I buy I’ve bought with thought and not impulse.

My parting thoughts on the KonMari way of living will be this. We live in a world full of consumerism. Instagram ads between every post, bloggers creating minutes long stories full of swipe up links to clothes (seriously can we stop with this please?), and inboxes 75% full of store sales and promotions! Marie’s method isn’t about minimalism, it’s about living a fuller life with the things that mean something to us. Giving every item of clothing, kitchen utensil, photo frame, and knick knack purpose so we can live a life with love with less stress.

I know that as a blogger I am naturally adding to a materialistic lifestyle, but I hope that when you read a review or watch my stories you can trust that I am only sharing what I truly love and in no way think you should buy it unless it fills a whole in your wardrobe or home. I don’t want to be responsible for stuffing your closet or cupboards with useless crap. Instead I’d rather help you find the face serum that helps give you brighter skin that you’ve been hoping for, a pair of shoes that are comfy and versatile, or a shade of lipstick that makes you feel confident and a little out of our comfort zone.

I want you and I help each other to lead lives in love with the items we buy and use everyday!

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