Operation Keto: Week Eight


We are TWO MONTHS in people!! You have no idea how pumped I am to write that. Keto has been the first “diet” that I have EVER stuck to to longer than 10 days…seriously. Like I’ve been saying every week, Keto isn’t a diet to me anymore, it’s just a way I eat that makes me feel good inside and out. It allows me to eat delicious food (hello anything with cheese) and makes “cheating” an actual treat and not something I kick myself for for days. We’ve been on this journey together (at least I hope someone out there is reading other than Brett…) for two months and in the effort to not let these weekly updates become redundant I thought it would be good to give this weekly series an end date. Brett and I first decided to do Keto to get ready for a cruise we have in early Feb. Well, now we are 32 days out from embarking on the high seas, so I thought that would make the perfect end to the series. So we will have four more weeks of updates and then after the cruise I’ll be reducing the series to once a month. Brett and I have no plans to stop eating Keto post-cruise and the more I learn about myself and the diet and the more recipes we try, the more I want to share in hopes of inspiring any of you to give Keto a try or give moral support for when anyone on their Keto journey.

Weekly Update Q’s

Weight Loss or Gain

This morning’s weigh in had no change. While no change is better than a gain in my book, I am pretty sure I have hit a plateau. This next week will be for figuring out how to breakthrough it!

How Do I Feel?

Physically I feel great! But, Brett and I have both noticed that when we do eat tooooo much cheese (particularly of the soft variety) in one meal we do feel a little bloated, so we’ve become a little more aware of our dairy consumption. When I do have too much dairy or feel bloated after a meal I love taking Bye Bye Bloat, the natural supplement that I featured on my 2018 5 Best of Wellness post that also went live today! Emotionally I’ve been super stable, no carb monsters or bitter angry fits because I was bored with food. This week I also started to run again, I’m hoping that running 2-3 times a week will help break through that plateau. Running is such a weird habit/non-habit of mine. I’ll go super hard into and love it, craving a run every day and then I’ll stop for a week and go months without it again. I’m hoping that keeping a consistent schedule of Monday, Friday, and optional weekend run will help the habit stick this time. I’m supplementing running with three days of Pilates in between. Pilates and running are literally the perfect combo! After two weeks of the two I always notice a difference in my body (especially in the booty department)!

What are Your Go-to’s For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks?

EGGS. CHEESE. BACON. REPEAT. On the days I do eat breakfast, that combo is an easy and delicious combo. It also makes eating out with friends easy because every place can do that without being that high maintenance diet eater! For lunch I’ve been eating mild Italian sausage from the store. It’s got lots of fat, moderate protein, and 0 carbs! The perfect Keto meal! For dinner Brett made a goat cheese chicken zoodle pasta last night that was DELICIOUS. I posted it to my story and soooo many people asked for the recipe so I’ll feature that recipe in next week’s update because it’s so freaking delicious. Brett and I both agreed that it was so good that we didn’t even miss actual pasta.

Overcoming Temptation to Break the Diet…

So I did “cheat” once this past week and it was wellll worth it. It was my sister’s 17th birthday and we went to Micelli’s, a fun Italian restaurant in LA. The minute the hot rolls were placed on the table I leaned over to Brett and said, “I’m eating carbs.” After the most delicious rolls the pizza came! I did eat with restraint and only had one slice. I knew anymore would make me feel so sick (I learned the hard way after our Denver trip!). The next morning I was right back on Keto (and maybe a pound heavier, lol).

I’d really love to know if any of you have started to do Keto since reading my weekly updates!! And basically I’d love to hear from any of you regardless. I’m desperate for comments people, and I’m not afraid to say it. Okay love you, bye!

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