The Swimsuit That Launched A Thousand DM's

The Swimsuit That Launched A Thousand DMs

Swimsuit shopping isn’t anyone’s favorite (if it is please tell me how!!!!), but thanks to Aerie, that’s changed for me. This isn’t my first time wearing Aerie and there’s definitely a reason for that. Affordable pricing (there is ALWAYS a sale going on), a wide variety of styles and cuts that guarantee a perfect suit for everyone, and a marketing message that doesn’t make you feel like big pile of steaming crap when you’re browsing online. I bought approximately 2034830 swimsuits from Aerie to try on the week before our cruise. The amount and size of each package probably gave Brett a heart attack every time he came home, but as all women know it’s far better and easier to order every possible size and make only one big return of “no's,” than deal with the torturous exchange process in-store or online.

When it came to my order, this white number was actually the one I was least looking forward too. All over Pinterest and Instagram I saw white swimsuits and loved the look, but the style advice I’d heard my entire life that “white makes you look bigger and black makes you look skinnier” made me a little leery that this trend wouldn’t translate well on my body. Doubts aside I clicked “add to cart” and the rest is history. I was obsessed with the top. The ribbed detailing and the looser longer cut mimicked a cropped tank that looked so cute paired with my black denim skirt while we explored St. Maarten before hitting in the beach. My one advice for sizing on the top is to size down if you are a C or smaller and order true to size for D or up. I’m a 36C and ordered a M. The top kind of puckered a little up top and the straps would slip when laying down. There wasn’t any wardrobe malfunctions, or even the possibility of one, but if I had sized down I wouldn’t have had to adjust at all during the day.

Bathing suit bottoms are my literal shopping nightmare. The reason my order was so big was because I had to order M, L, and XL in all bottoms because my hourglass shape goes from M at my waist to XL around my hips. The lower the band sits on the hips the larger I become — thanks genetics 😑. Thank you fashion industry for bringing back high waisted everything!! High waisted bathing suit bottoms are so cute (and totally worth the awkward stomach tan line). With this suit in particular, the visible section where the longer tank style top stopped and the high waisted started is the most flattering part of the stomach to have on display and really gives the illusion that you have a 6-pack and not just a measly 2-pack (if that, lol). The size problem I usually encounter with high waisted bottoms though is that the cut on the leg isn’t high enough and hits at my true hip and creates a super cute sausage casing look. Thankfully Aerie offers a high waisted bottom with a “high cut cheeky” shape and the M fit perfectly!! Yes, your booty will be a little bit more on display, but not in an inappropriate or constant wedgie way. My favorite part of the high cut on the sides is that it is extremely flattering on any leg length.

It’s very rare for one bathing suit to flatter every body shape, but I truly believe that this is the unicorn of bathing suits.

Run to and purchase this before your next trip to escape the winter cold, or in prep for summer. You won’t regret it!

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