Operation Keto: Week Twelve

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Post run snuggle with Tiny Pup, I promise he loves me despite the look on his face.

Also, Please excuse the dog snot on the mirror #dogmomlife.


YOU GUYS!!! Today marks the completion of three months on Keto. Each week I’m more and more shocked that I am writing these posts and haven’t slipped back into my carb monster ways. Clearly that is a testament to the sustainability of this “diet.” This past week I REALLY went all in with the workouts after being without it for over two weeks. Let me just tell you, going to four pilates classes in a row after a 18 day cold is B.R.U.T.A.L. Every part of my body hurt. Once I managed to walk without wincing, I made my way back to the gym to run and was surprised how easy it was to get back into it. That was until about half way through I realized the treadmill I was on wasn’t working properly and running at a 6.5 was actually running at a 4.5. But hey at least I was running!! This morning I ran on a properly functioning machine and it made me miss yesterday’s treadmill (lol, jk but not really).

Our cruise is only 4 days aways and for the first time in my whole life I don’t feel like wanting to cry in a bathing suit. And that is huge for me. Every vacation in the past was a deadline to lose weight and finally feel confident, but each vacation came and I still felt discouraged and unhappy. Whether I was following a prescribed meal by meal plan or just trying to eat clean, I never found any results. It made me frustrated and mad and while I openly blamed the diet program, inwardly I was mad at my body. I did everything the “book” said and my body didn’t listen like it was supposed to. I felt like I was constantly being betrayed by my genetics and that I would just have to accept that my body was going to be a size 10 forever, no matter how many calories I cut or miles I ran. Thankfully this vacation I’m going to enter it with a whole different attitude. After years of not knowing what my body wanted and needed, I finally found the answers!! It wasn’t my body who was doing the betraying it was me all along! Now that I know how to better serve my body, there is no going back.

Weekly Update Q’s

Weight Loss or Gain

No loss or gain this week, but that’s okay. My original goal of losing 15 lbs before the cruise is still only 2 lbs away and even if I don’t reach that by Friday morning I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made over these past 12/13 weeks. To be able to say to myself that I’ve lost 13 lbs and kept it off is incredibly encouraging to me.

How Do I feel?

Something I’ve noticed in the past few weeks in particular, and have mentioned on the blog before, is that I feel bloated after consuming too much dairy. Cheese is such an easy and convenient snack on Keto, but unfortunately it is a natural inflammatory. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go completely dairy free (hello pizza, ice cream, and any delicious), but I have mentioned to Brett before about potentially transitioning to a high-fat Paleo diet once I’ve reached my goals with Keto. This would allow me to eat more fruits and vegetables (I miss you sweet potatoes), but I would have to completely eliminate dairy. Since I haven’t reached my ultimate goal I’m not yet t at this point, but I’ll keep you updated throughout the year if I plan to make this change or not. I also need to do more research about that transition and what it looks like.

What are your go-to’s for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks?

An easy and extremely delicious breakfast Brett and I have found is Chick-Fil-A’s Sausage Scramble Bowl. Order it without the hash browns of course and then load it up with the jalapeño salsa. It’s so good you will be tempted to order two next time! I’ve been loving and craving fish with pesto this past week. Steelhead trout and salmon are our favorites. When finding a pesto, make sure you look at the nutrition facts, to find the one with the lowest net carbs, many pre-made pestos have added sugars! I’ve been having a candy craving this week so I’ve had to look elsewhere to my usual favorites. Smart Sweets (I find them at Whole Foods) are individual bags of gummy fish that are only 5 net carbs for the whole bag and they actually taste really good! Also, Russell Stover makes a variety of sugar free chocolate candies like mint patties, toffee squares, and more! While indulging in these sugar-free candies aren’t the most hard-core Keto advised, they are good options to have when you just REALLLLY want a Reese’s.

Overcoming Temptation to Break the Diet…

After twelve weeks of Keto my best advice to overcoming temptation to break the diet is to cheat. Yup I said it. Restricting yourself too much is 1) not sustainable and 2) makes life extremely not fun. Having one cheat meal (not cheat day!) a week or every two weeks is vital to personal sanity and success with Keto. For instance, on Saturday I was craving Chick-Fil-A chikin strips HARD, I really didn’t want to eat cold cuts or grilled chicken at home, all I wanted was deep fried chicken strips with sugary and delicious sauces. So I got them. I had a 4-count meal with fries and a large ice cream cup! (When I cheat, I’m gonna enjoy it!) I did not regret it one bit and I actually enjoyed it so much more than I had before because I didn’t feel sick after. Before Keto, I ate whatever I wanted and felt not great 80% of the time, so when I would have a meal like that, I would feel completely sick to my stomach and be laid up in bed downing water the rest of the day. Now, because my body isn’t constantly inflamed by carbs and sugar, when I do have the occasional sugar/carb feast, my body just works a little bit harder and then goes back to normal immediately after. And for that I am so so thankful!!

While this is my last weekly update post, I will be sharing a monthly update until I reach my ultimate goal (whatever that is, I’m still not sure) and I will still be posting the occasional Keto-related posts like must have cookbooks, what to always have in your fridge, and more.

Whether you started Keto while reading my posts, or maybe you are eating Chick-Fil-A as your read this, I just wanted to thank you for joining me. I hope that these posts were educational and helpful to you in some way of another or maybe you were able to relate to my battle with body image and weight loss/gain. It’s such a trendy topic these days that I feel often dismisses the reality of the inward battle, so I hope that my take on it was a lot more relatable and honest.

For more relatability and honestly make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can see me have a whole lot of carb fun on our cruise next week 😏!!

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