6 Things in Your Home That NEED Spring Cleaning


We are closing in on Spring reallll quick and with Spring comes the constantly in your face blogs, articles, books, etc of how to “Spring Clean” your home this year. In the effort to not just be another sound in the noise, I wanted to highlight six places in your home that you probably have neglected for quite some time and could desperately use some Spring cleaning.

P.S. Please enjoy this immaculately clean photo of our apartment back in Denver. This was before two dogs and a backyard destroyed all my efforts to keep my house in tip top shape on the reg.

  1. Closet — and I’m not talking about your clothes

    You don’t normally think of your closet as a very dirty place since it holds clean clothes and is tucked away behind doors from the super dusty air of your home. But after months and months of shuffling through clothes, opening and closing the doors, and throwing shoes unknowingly caked in dirt back into your closet becomes horrifyingly dirty. It’s so important to clean your closet once or twice a year just to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and dead skin cells (yum). Thankfully this task can be pretty quick (even quicker if you’ve Marie Kondo’d your closet). Take all your clothes (om hangers) and throw them into a big pile on the bed, pull all your boxes, shoes, ect and grab your vacuum. Vacuum the ground of your closet to pick up all the dirt that has settled and then use a brush attachment and get into any nooks and crannies. This will help grab most of the dust and any cobwebs that might be hiding. Once you’re done, take a microfiber cloth for a quick sweep over the rails and shelves and then put all your clothes back into to their freshly cleaned home. If you are up to the challenge you can also use this time to organize and declutter your closet. You can read my post about KonMari-ing my closet earlier this year.

  2. Couch

    Your couch is probably your most used and loved piece of furniture in your home (after your bed, we all know that’s the ultimate favorite 😴). Because we use it so frequently, I’ve noticed we don’t tend to take detailed care of it besides cleaning up the random spill or reaching for the remote in the crack and being met with an entire bag’s worth of crumbled chips. While these quick cleans are great for keeping stains at bay, you’d be surprised at how much pure neglect can affect the look and life of your sofa. My top tips for detail cleaning your sofa and maintaining it is to lint roll as often as you can (this is a MUST if you have pets!!!) and then every month use an upholstery brush attachment and vacuum your entire couch removing the cushions and all!! Whenever I do this deep vacuuming our couch is noticeably brighter (and defffff smells better). If you are working with severe discoloration and wear you may want to enlist an upholstery stream cleaner like this one from Amazon.

  3. Refrigerator and Freezer

    I’d like to thank my mother for routinely deep cleaning the refrigerator and freezer and unknowingly instilling in me the same habit. If you were not blessed to have Karen Hermanson as your mother and cleaning guru I have a feeling your refrigerator is caked in berry and meat juice and many other unappetizing sticky spills. Left too long these spills will quickly manifest themselves in vomit inducing smells that kill your produce and your appetite. First, you’ll you need to pull all your food out (plan your clean before a grocery shop so your fridge will naturally be less full). Next you will want to pull out all the drawers and shelves and give them a quick scrub in warm soapy water with a non abrasive sponge. Before putting all your dried shelves and drawers back in, take a wet washcloth and wipe down the interior of your fridge, lots of weird condensation and condiments can crust up on hard to reach places. Lastly, you’ll replace all the shelves and drawers in their homes and put all your food back in and repeat the process on the freezer side. If you’re needing motivation for this task, scroll through these photos of The Home Edit’s refrigerator makeovers! If that doesn’t light a fire up your butt, I don’t know what will.

  4. Spice Cabinet

    Another place in your kitchen that needs tending to is your spice cabinet. I’m not sure why I thought spices almost never expire but NEWSFLASH Logan, they do. When we moved to CA I had to get rid of over 75% of our spices because they were all expired. Inspect all your spices and get rid of the ones that are expired, then make a note in your phone of the ones that need replacing. Finish up with a wipe down of the area to clean up any spills that inevitably happened when you went in to reach for the paprika and knocked over the pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and garlic salt (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).

  5. Makeup Brushes

    I would bet a crap load of money that you can’t even remember the last time you washed your makeup brushes, or if you even have! Dirty brushes are a breeding zone for bacteria that cause acne and texture problems and keep your makeup from applying like it used to. If you’ve had your brushes for longer than two years and have never washed them, I’m going to recommend starting from scratch (Real Techniques are my favorite affordable brushes!!), but if you are in the clear to keep them then you’ll only need three things: gentle soap, a glass of water (so you don’t have to keep the water running), and a hand towel for drying overnight. Wet your brush (keeping the bristles pointed down so water doesn’t get into the handle and loosen the glue), swirl your brush into the bar soap or liquid soap and swirl it in your hand to dislodge the product. Repeat dipping in water and swirling in your hand until there is no more product. Finally, squeeze out the excess water and reshape the bristles before placing it on the towel to dry overnight. My favorite soaps are Dr. Bronner’s liquid or bar soap, Method bar soap, and BeautyBlender blender cleanser solid.

  6. Hair Brushes

    While you’re in the bathroom you might as well tackle another set of brushes…your hair brushes. I personally think hair brushes are incredibly gross and I can not brush through my hair until I’ve removed any hair still stuck. Most people do not have this weird OCD habit (mom and Austen, I’m looking at you!!). When the hair is never removed, the product, dirt, and oil that is on the hair eventually transfers to the brush bristles so essentially every time you brush your hair you are distributing that old product and dirt all over your clean hair — GROSS. Cleaning your hair brushes is way faster and easier than your makeup brushes 🙌🏻! Fill your sink with warm water and shampoo, remove all the hair from your brushes and dump them into the water and let them soak for 20-30 minutes. After soaking using one of the brushes to massage the other brushes to dislodge any left over dirt. Drain the sink, rinse the brushes under cold water, and leave out to dry.

    I promise after cleaning these six places your home will instantly feel cleaner. And thankfully most of these places only need to be taken care of a few times a year, but making sure those routine cleans actually happen are so important. The next time you let your fridge go uncleaned for 6 months, you’ll be cursing your lazy past self. Trust me.

    What other places in your home are often neglected from a good clean? You might remind me of one I’m always forgetting!!

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