May Book Review


It’s the beginning of June which means I’ve got five months of books under my belt and over the past five months I’ve realized that four books a month is my reading sweet spot. A book a week is a doable goal that always leaves me with the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the month. April I only managed three, but I attribute that to Becoming, which has over 400 pages and very small print. So in May I decided to get back in my reading groove and tackle at least four and I was met with quite a mixed bag of books.


Rating: 5/5

I hope I’m not alone when I say that friendship, especially after college, is hard. Maintaining them, navigating a variety of seasons and circumstances, and creating new ones literally make me want to hide under the covers and never come out. This year in particular, friendship and all its baggage (good and bad) has been laying heavy on my heart more than ever before. Christine Hoover a well known author, speaker, follower of Christ, and pastor’s wife gives a Christ-centered and real look into friendships and helps explain how to go right and where we often go wrong. This books is an easy and fast read thanks to Hoover’s conversational writing style and by the end of the book all I wanted was more! I had learned so much (SO MANY UNDERLINES!!) about myself and Christ. I urge any woman - Christian or not - to read this book. I also suggest listening to Christine’s podcast, By Faith, where season 3 focuses solely on friendship.

Is this a must read? 1000000% yes.


Rating: 1/5

I love thrillers, the murder-y the better. I had For Better or Worse sitting on my nightstand for months after selecting it as my Book of the Month pick earlier in the year and finally picked it up in May….I wish I hadn’t. The book follows Natalie and Will Clarke, husband and wife lawyers. She is a defense attorney and he’s in real estate law. Their son Charlie becomes a victim to sexual assault by the elementary school principal. Being a defense attorney whose job is literally to help accused criminals, Natalie decides she can pull off the perfect murder. Will finds his way into helping involuntarily and now the police are snooping around to find out “whodunit”. The problems I faced with this book were 1. Sexual assault of a child is not the crime I want to read about at all (thankfully it was not detailed), 2. The murder itself was very uncreative and boring (I really hope this doesn’t make me sound weird lol), and finally 3. The ending was dumb and again not creative at all. When I closed the book, I got the impression I had just read a book by someone who always dreamed of writing a thriller, but doesn’t actually know how to write. Sorry Margot, better luck next time!

Is it a must read? Hard no.


Bad on Paper Podcast Book of the Month

Rating: 1/5

After a lot of Googling I’ve determined that people either love or hate this book. I am in the latter group. Normal People follows the high school and college relationship between Marianne and Connel. Marianne is weird and has not friends and Connel is the popular jock. Their only commonality is their love of learning and they spent most of their time together discussing and debating politics. This friendship eventually turns into a secret relationship because Connel is too embarrassed to let his friends know that he is dating Marianne. After a rocky final year they break up and don’t see each other until they both are attending Trinity College in Dublin. This time Marianne is popular and Connel is the loner. They become friends again and fall back into an on and off again romantic relationship. So far the book doesn’t sound bad, right? Well throughout all this you read about Marianne’s desire to be hit during sex (her father was abusive) and Connel’s escalating depression. They both feel most like themselves with the other but their personal baggages always get in the way and to me it came off as very toxic because neither of them every tried to help the other out of their struggles. Normal People was long listed for the Man Booker Prize, is being hailed as an Irish classic, and is supposedly being turned into a Hulu series. These accolades are super confusing to me but hey, you can’t love every book, even critically acclaimed ones. Oh by the way, there are absolutely NO QUOTATIONS to denote dialogue, so get ready for a serious mind-battle and a possible headache.

Is it a must read? To me, no. But if you love highly praised literary fiction, then it might be worth a read.


Rating: 5/5

After two duds (one with no quotations!), Christina Lauren’s new book, The Unhoneymooners, was just what my brain needed. The Unhoneymooners begins with a wedding. Olive’s twin sister Ami is marrying Dane, whose brother and best man, Ethan, is her sworn enemy. Thanks to dietary restrictions, they are the only survivors of a mass food contamination from the wedding buffet and instead of letting Ami and Dane’s pre-paid honeymoon go to waste they urge Olive and Ethan to take it instead. Both of them are hoping to spend as little time together as possible but unplanned circumstances keep throwing them together and even forces them to pretend to be married to each other. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just tell you that I finished this book in less than 24 hours. If you love some rom-com brain candy or are heading to a beach this summer, this the book that you need to bring in tow. There is a great second story line that is both endearing and adds great drama. I could totally see this as a movie to add to Netflix’s repertoire of rom-coms, so if you know anyone who can make that happen, it would be much appreciated.

Is it a must read? YES! It definitely won’t make you feel smart after, but you’ll wish it never ends!


Two 5’s sandwiching two 1’s, I’m so glad it was that way and not the other way around! Nothing is worse than ending the month with a bad book. I’ve already selected the four books I want to read in June and I’m pretty excited for them. What books did you read in May and what’s on your TBR (to be read) list?

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