September Book Review

September started out really promising with reading. I read these two books in under a week and then started a third and stopped after one chapter and forgot to pick it up again for the rest of the month — oops. I’ve said this before, reading is like exercise. Even if you enjoy it sometimes you have to force yourself to do it when you don’t want to, because getting out of a routine can quickly lead to reading-less months. And just like letting exercise or eating healthy slip by the way side you feel sluggish and just not right, when I don’t read my brain just doesn’t feel right. Here’s to hoping October is the month my reading muscles get to work!

September Book Review Habits and Hues American Royals Katharine McGee

Bad on Paper Podcast Book of the Month

Rating: 4.5/5

I am a sucker for anything royal, so when I heard this book was coming out I was counting down the days, literally. American Royals is a present day story of American Royalty, the Washingtons. The whole premise of the book (and series) center around George Washington becoming America’s first king instead of president, fast forward 200+ years and King George III is grooming his oldest daughter Beatrice to be the first Queen regent of America. Fearful for his daughter being the first queen, he and his wife set up Beatrice with a suitor to become her king consort. I don’t want to give away too much away but there are love triangles (and one square, lol), reckless royal twins, lots of balls, and a fantastic cliff hanger. My favorite part of the book is all the Americanized royal touches with nobility (Duke of Boston, Orange, etc), run twists on American history, and more. The only reason I docked half a point is because the book switches around from each character’s POV and I wanted more story from Beatrice. Other than that, I am SO excited for Fall 2020 for the next book to debut!

Is it a must read? Yes! If you loved The Royal We, American History, Gossip Girl, or The Crown, you will devour this book!

September Book Review Habits and Hues Turn of the Key Ruth Ware

Rating: 3/5

I haven't read a thriller in so long so when The Turn of the Key was offered on Book of the Month I scooped it up. The story opens as a letter written to a lawyer from prison. Rowan is in jail for murder, one she insists she did not commit. In the letter to the lawyer she starts from the beginning. As a fed up London pre-school teacher, Rowan takes a “too good to be true” nanny position for a family of architects in the moors of Scotland. Their home is an old estate updated with smart home capabilities that are both cool and creepy to Rowan. Strangely, every nanny before Rowan left within the first week, but Rowan needs this job so even when things start to go awry, she refuses to let it spook her. From the beginning we know Rowan is hiding something and eventually that secret catches up to her the same night the death happens. The book is a fast read and once I reached the end and all the dots were connected I was disappointed. I felt that the story could have been much more thrilling and the end fell short to the build up.

Is it a must read? If you’re a newbie to thrillers this would be a good one to start with, but die hard thrill readers won’t be impressed.

What did you read in September and what’s on your to be read list for October?

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