Glossier Round Up and Review

Can you really be a millennial if you don't use Glossier products or at least know about the brand? The answer is no. Glossier is another one of the many instagram hyped products by influencers, magazines, and eye-catching advertising. Props to the Glossier marketing team because of their genius I bought their newest product launch, Body Hero, within hours of its launch (review of that coming soon).  Keep reading to see my reviews on three of their skincare products and two from their beauty line.



Super Bounce - Milky Jelly Cleanser - Mega Greens Galaxy Mask


Super bounce - $28

Glossier serums were something I was really intrigued by -- the reviews alone left me thinking they were magic.  Since I was placing a rather big order I decided to just try out one of the three serums they offer. Super Bounce seemed like the best one for me as it targets dry skin with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to pump the skin and increase its elasticity to give it that "bounce." When my order arrived I was surprised and disappointed about how small the bottle was, only 0.5 fl oz, while most serums are at least 1 fl oz.  At $28 a bottle I expected a lot more, especially since a majority of their other products are very reasonably priced.  The packaging though was beautiful in true Glossier fashion, so I had a feeling I was paying more for the name and packaging than the product itself.  The consistency was a blend of water and gel and I used one dropper's worth morning and night before my moisturizer.  My first impression wasn't stellar but I wasn't used to this consistency in a serum so I was giving it the benefit of the doubt.  After finishing the bottle, in less than two months by the way, I didn't feel like it gave me any extra moisture that my standard moisturizer was already providing.  All in all, I'm gonna say pass on this one. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser - $18

In this order there were two products that were repurchases, this was one of them. When the Milky Jelly Cleanser launched a couple years ago I saw it everywhere! It was unlike any cleanser on the market with a thick jelly texture that turned into a milky consistency when you added water.  I remember seeing Emily, the founder of Into the Gloss and Glossier, using it in a promo video.  She was able to completely dissolve her makeup, waterproof mascara and all, with just two pumps! I immediately ordered it.  The consistency is so weird at first but the way it smooths over your dry skin is rather relaxing and like you're giving yourself a facial massage.  I'm on my third bottle of Milky Jelly Cleanser, so clearly its a hit for me.  I use it in the morning because its super gentle and moisturizing without leaving a filmy residue and then again at night to take my makeup up off before I use my other cleanser (if I'm not wearing makeup that day I skip it).  If there is one skincare product to try from Glossier, its this one!

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - $22

Glossier calls this mask the "juice cleanse for your face." It's a clay based mask with added nutrients like leafy greens and antioxidants to draw out the gunk in your pores, while leaving your skin balanced and smooth rather than parched and tight. Usually, a mask like this wouldn't catch my eye since I have dry skin, but I noticed my mask regimen lacked a detoxifying and clarifying mask and this one promised to still leave my face soothed and balanced.  At only $22 you get a lot of product for you money, which I was very happy about after seeing Super Bounce's size.  The texture is like your average clay mask (except for it's light green hue), but with little beads throughout which aid in exfoliation as you wash it off.  I enjoyed wearing this mask, and as promised, it did leave my skin smooth and balanced, but I wasn't super impressed.  It's a very gentle detox compared to the intensity most charcoal masks have, and after reading reviews a common theme seemed to be that the mask worked best in conjecture with their Moisturizing Moon Mask.  I'm not completely writing off Mega Greens yet, but in the five months I've owned it, it has only come out to play three or four times.  I'm thinking my next Glossier order might need to include the moon mask to see what these two can do together. 



Stretch Concealer - Boy Brow

Stretch Concealer in medium - $18

Stretch concealer was an blogger-inspired purchase. Anna Newton of The Anna Edit had made a Youtube video using and raving about this product. I've always admired Anna's "no makeup" makeup looks and I've bought a handful of other products on her recommendation and had yet to be disappointed.  This was another winner (thanks Anna!).  First of all, the packaging is so pretty and the simple "G" logo on the cap is so aesthetically pleasing  I've already been distracted by the photo above while writing this post at least four times. The texture is smooth and hydrating while keeping a thin consistency. If you're looking for a full coverage concealer, this is not what you want. But if you are looking for a concealer to cover your dark circles before you go run errands or hit the gym, this is it! I love using this before teaching a Pilates class so I don't scare my clients in the morning, but instead fool them to think I have the energy of a 5 year old at 6:30am. Finger application is preferable and it blends easily without drying out and caking up. You can powder if you'd like, but I don't because I find that if it does start to crease I just need to tap two or three times and it's perfectly blended again. If you're on the fence about purchasing, just do it!  You won't regret it, I promise. 

Boy Brow in brown - $16

Meet the product that launched a 60k person waitlist! Boy Brow is Glossier's best selling product and for a good reason.  This was the other product in the order that was a repurchase for me and I don't think I'll stop repurchasing it anytime soon.  The spooley (is that how you spell it?) is the perfect small triangle shape that allows for precise application, making your brows full but natural.  One tip I can give you is to wipe off some of the product on the side of the tube because a little goes a long way, and you want to avoid "sharpie brow" as much as possible.  My favorite thing about the product is that it is subtle enough to wear alone with a bare face and still look put together.  You can apply it in seven seconds flat and the tube lasts quite a while for its small size.  If there is one item you buy on my recommendation it should be Boy Brow

Have you tried Glossier before? Let me know what products I should order next and the ones you think I should avoid.

P.S. Each order comes with the pink bubble zip pouch pictured above. I'm not going to lie to you, I totally order from Glossier mostly for these bags, they make the perfect makeup bag for travel in a carryon or in your purse!