frequently asked questions

What is your skin type?

I have normal skin that tends to be a bit drier around the sides of my forehead.  It doesn't seem to be too sensitive, so I'm able to try out a wide range of different products.  Don't worry though, if you're oily I'll still provide you with recommendations that should work for you as I get my oiler friends and family to try out products and tell me their thoughts! 

Do you make Money Blogging?

Most links in posts and on the shop page are affiliate links from multiple affiliate programs.  I'll get paid either by clicks or by your actual purchases depending on the program the item is linked through.  If I do get the opportunity one day to collaborate with a brand for sponsored content the post will be clearly marked with "#ad."  One last note, I promise to only promote or recommend products I actually use, love, or am dying to try!  Honesty is the best policy, for a reason. 

What does Habits + hues mean?

I knew I wanted my blog to be both beauty and lifestyle focused.  Most of my favorite blogs use alliterations for their blog names like Gal Meets Glam or Damsel in Dior.  I liked how alliteration sounded as well as it makes it memorable.  When trying to come up with a title that could both reflect beauty and lifestyle topics I turned to (seriously, lol) and eventually landed on "habits" to represent the lifestyle side and "hues" to represent the beauty.  When I put them together it just felt right. 


how did you meet your husband?

I met my husband when I was a freshman in high school and he was a new kid in the sophomore class.  We didn't start dating until December of my Junior and his Senior year and got married four years later on our dating anniversary, December 27, 2014.  

Is pilates hard?

I personally believe pilates is an exercise for everyone!  Both ladies and gentlemen of all ages would benefit from adding pilates into their exercise regimen.  It's designed to be very easy on your joints and focuses on keeping your body aligned through a strong core and healthy spine.  A standard pilates class won't leave you dripping in sweat but leave you feeling loose and graceful and you'll wake up the next day or two feeling soreness in muscles you didn't even know existed!  Certain exercises are harder than others but as you gain strength and flexibility you'll find them easier and than crave harder more complex exercises.  

What are your favorite restaurants in Denver?

Denver has SO much amazing food!  You can read this post on my top five restaurants.


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